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7-Point Trading Checklist


AJ Monte created this 7-Point Checklist to give traders a disciplined, repeatable approach for analyzing stocks to determine who is in control of the price action: buyers or sellers.

It's a cornerstone of AJ's trading philosophy. Now you can make it a part of your own process.

Here's what you will learn from the course:


Learn to mimic AJ's step-by-step process for analyzing any stock before every trade.

What's Included?


Senior Technical Analyst

AJ Monte is the Senior Technical Analyst at Market Rebellion, where he’s known as the “Oracle” among the Rebel community. He leads the AJ's Equities Hour, AJ's Options Essential, AJ's Options Pro, and AJ's Equities Pro trading services.

As our resident Chart Master, AJ’s trading style is focused on options, technical analysis, and risk management. He believes that family comes first, and while money makes a very big difference in the quality of our life, it serves a well-defined purpose when it comes to changing the lives of those around you.


AJ has over 40 years of financial industry experience. Prior to joining Market Rebellion, AJ served as the Chairman at the Options Floor Trading Committee and was a member of COMEX for more than a decade. AJ has authored best-selling books, including Take Charge of Your Money Now and 5 Points For Trading Success. He’s also appeared on Fox Business, PBS, and ABC and is a regular contributor on Serious Money Radio.


AJ Monte is recognized as a Chartered Market Technician by CMT Association and is a graduate of the State University of New York.


In his free time, AJ enjoys flying, horseback riding, gardening and fishing. When he is not trading the markets, you will be sure to find him, spending quality time with his grandkids.



"I've spent 40 years developing this checklist to remove some of the stress and doubt from trading."

--AJ Monte, CMT

Learn How AJ 
Got His Start

Absorb the lessons AJ learned over his four-decade career--including how he went from beginner to professional floor trader.

Hone Your Mental Approach

Trading is as much a mental game as a mathematical one. Hear what AJ has to say about the "brain game" of trading--and how you can separate yourself from the herd mentality.

Master the 
7-Point Checklist

Follow in AJ's footsteps by fusing discipline with specific technical signals designed to help you eliminate emotion and trade with confidence.

Hone Your Mental Approach

Trading is as much a mental game as a mathematical one. Hear what AJ has 
to say about the brain 
game of trading.


Learn AJ's step-by-step process for analyzing any equity

Learn AJ's step-by-step process for analyzing any equity

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