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Jon Najarian: Unusual Activity in SBUX

Jon is seeing unusual activity in SBUX ahead of earnings. Someone was buying large quantities of May 60 calls and selling May 62 calls, creating a bullish vertical spread ahead of earnings. Click Here to see the video on CNBC’s Halftime Report!    

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Jon Najarian Sees Unusual Activity in KSS & LULU

KSS Traders are buying a few thousand May 42.50 calls, selling puts against them to create a bullish spread. Jon thinks the stock trades higher into earnings, will be in it for 2-3 weeks. LULU Jon saw some unusual activity in LULU a few weeks ago and has been holding

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Najarian Unusual Activity in WFM & FXI

Today on CNBC’s Halftime Report, Jon and Pete are seeing Unusual Option Activity in 2 names: WFM Traders bought 5,000 WFM Nov 34 calls for $3.40, which indicates aggressive buying. These contracts will mirror the stock since these are just in-the-money. Pete will be in these for a few months.

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Unusual Activity in GD, AXP & VXX

Today on CNBC’s Halftime Report, the brothers noticed the following unusual activity: GD Traders are aggressively buying the May 190 calls for $3.30 with earnings on April 26th. Jon will be in these with a 2-week time frame AXP Pete saw some activity in APX July 80 puts, which were

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Unusual Activity in EBAY & MRO

Jon and Pete are seeing unusual activity today in EBAY and MRO. EBAY Back in February, the brothers alerted us to some in-the-money (at that time) call buying in EBAY. Today, traders were buying the May 36 strike calls and selling the May 38 calls, creating a vertical spread for

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