Market Notes

Italian Fears Subside

After hitting 2.7% yield Tuesday, the Italian 2-year bond falls back to $1.03% today. Volatility likewise made a significant pop Tuesday, hitting a high of $18.78 and fell to $14.81 yesterday. You have to go all the way out to September to see a VIX future higher than 16 this

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US Economic Growth Remains Healthy

U.S. economic growth remains healthy: Also, small business optimism is at the highest level in 35 years: So, if you want to bet against GDP growth, double digit EPS growth, buybacks and optimistic consumers and businesses, then you go right ahead! My money is on the other side of that

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Still Lower Highs in 10-Year

From my friend @THEFIBOCALL with his comments on the 10 year note I wish I had a dollar for every TV analyst that has mentioned that rates are going higher. Yes, rates have been rising since the September low @ 2.04 Our long term chart has lower highs since the 2006

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