Empowering a Rebellion of Traders

Market Rebellion is on a mission to challenge the status quo of trading and investing, by empowering independent investors with trading education, content and tools so that they can trade with confidence.

About Market Rebellion

Jon and Pete Najarian created Market Rebellion to form an options trading community designed to empower retail investors. Based on our team’s extensive experience as professional traders and instructors, we knew we needed to be more than just educators and mentors. We needed to create a paradigm shift and provide access to professional trading tactics for the independent trader.

So, whether you’re looking for trade ideas crafted by pros, in-depth trading education to harden your knowledge, or face-to-face sessions with hand-picked coaches — there’s something here for every trader, beginner to seasoned veteran.

Guided Trading Services

Our guided trading services don’t just give you trade ideas, they help you master a disciplined process of identifying and managing trades in a live market environment.

From our flagship Unusual Options Activity services to momentum trading with options, premium collection strategies, swing trading on technical analysis, and more — we’ve got trade ideas to match your timeframe and goals.

Plus, each service is headed by a lead analyst with 20-30 years of trading experience.

Trade like a pro, by trading with pros.

Trading Education Courses

Boost your knowledge with in-depth trading education courses – from beginner to advanced – to help you build the knowledge base and practical skills needed to take the next step in your journey, whether you’re trading options or stocks.

Discover everything from options basics to professional strategies.

One-on-One Training

Get in-depth answers to your individual questions. Learn how to find trading opportunities and, more importantly, how to enter, manage and exit those trades.

Our coaches were hand-picked by Jon and Pete Najarian and ready to serve your specific needs.

Stu Dorfman

Stu is a professional options trader with 40 years of experience trading on the floor of the Philadelphia Stock Exchange and serving on various exchange committees.

Scott Thorstensen

Known for building strong personal relationships with his students, Scott has spent the last 20 years teaching individual traders every angle of the options world.

What Members Say About Market Rebellion

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How Market Rebellion Started: A Rebellious Beginning

Jon and Pete Najarian earned their stripes on the floor of the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) where they dominated the days of open outcry. The brothers soon pioneered the Unusual Options Activity trading strategy and developed their patented Heat Seeker™ algorithm designed to follow the Smart Money.

After co-founding optionMONSTER and tradeMONSTER, the original Rebels joined forces with the legendary trading instructor Ron Ianieri in 2016 to launch Investitute (now Market Rebellion) with a common goal in mind: to help individual investors like you navigate the treacherous waters of the markets.

Why? It's Simple.

Market Rebellion’s founders knew Wall Street was far from an even playing field for everyone. They saw it as their duty to instill professional knowledge and insights in individual retail traders like you to help close the gap with institutions and insiders.

Where you’ve seen us from…

Meet our Team

Market Rebellion has assembled a team of expert market strategists, options analysts, and industry-leading educators—all hand-picked by Jon and Pete Najarian.

Jon Najarian


Pete Najarian


Dirk Mueller-Ingrand


As any experienced options trader can tell you, Market Rebellion’s founding team is comprised of the leaders in the options education space, with a depth of knowledge from decades of successful hands-on trading experience.

David Godinho


Ryan Mastro

Chief Options Strategist

Bill Johnson

Lead Instructor

Mike Yamamoto

Lead Analyst

Bryan McCormick


Wayne Razzi

Options Analyst

Greg McDermott

Options Analyst

Chris Sykora

Options Analyst

Stuart Dorfman


Scott Thorstensen


Sharad Pathak

VP Technology

Ron Ianieri

Co-Founder Emeritus

Ron Ianieri

In Memoriam

Ron Ianieri was known as one of the industry’s leading options educators and mentors, establishing a reputation for cutting-edge training before his sudden passing in 2019.

No one made options as easy-to-understand as Ron. His passion was to empower individuals with life-changing trading knowledge.

Ron Ianieri helped spark the Rebellion, and his profound impact inspired us to build the most comprehensive options education curriculum anywhere.

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