The Rally for Valor program was created by Market Rebellion, LLC and Alpha Prime Racing, LLC as a way to show respect and gratitude to those who daily put their lives at risk to serve and protect our Nation and our communities.

Rally for Valor came about by two teams, who are passionate about people who serve our Nation and communities, identifying a unique opportunity to show their respect to members of the military and their families. The CEOs of Market Rebellion and Alpha Prime Racing hosted military families at two races during the 2021 NASCAR Xfinity Series. Observing how much fun those families had, and hearing from those families how unforgettable the experience was, they jointly decided to formalize and extend the program to bring joy to more military members (active, retired, or veterans) and their families with a unique NASCAR pit experience.

Rally for Valor is currently working in collaboration with the Navy SEAL Foundation and the Robert Irvine Foundation to select eligible families as guests for each race in 2022. Outreach is planned to other veteran groups as well. The program is designed to show respect and serve military families, with a special focus on Gold Star families (families whose loved one died in service to our Nation). The program will host families at approximately 30 races held at speedways across the country as part of the NASCAR Xfinity Series in 2022. You can follow along with the action as well as see upcoming races on the Rally for Valor news page.

Rally for Valor was born out of deep respect and gratitude to those who daily put their lives at risk to serve and protect our Nation and our communities.

This year, we are hosting Gold Star families and military members (active, retired, and veterans) and their families as VIP guests of Alpha Prime Racing at the Xfinity races during the 2022 NASCAR season.

Our goal is to bring together the families of those who’ve served in an unforgettable moment as part of a real NASCAR team – with all the sights, sounds and action that can only be experienced from the inside.

It’s also a unique opportunity for veteran kids to share in an immersive experience that exemplifies the same values their military parent serves or has served:

Discipline Dictates Action
  • Always be prepared
  • Attention to detail
  • Focus on the mission
  • Stay disciplined
  • Stay in the fight
  • Never give up

Families who participate will spend the day of the race with the Market Rebellion/Alpha Prime Racing team at the racetrack, get team shirts and hats, headsets to hear team chatter, team refreshments and snacks, insider team access to the track, cars, and drivers, and plenty of opportunities for social media moments only possible if you are part of a NASCAR team.

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