Matt Montemayor

Senior Cryptocurrency Analyst

Matt Montemayor is a Senior Cryptocurrency Analyst for Market Rebellion, where he leads The Crypto Room and Crypto Cue alongside fellow analyst CJ Reichel. Matt also works as an advisor to Rebellion Capital Partners Crypto LLC, an actively managed cryptocurrency hedge fund incorporating derivatives strategies and analysis of growth potential in emerging crypto assets.

Past Experience

Matt began trading Bitcoin in 2012 after it became a frequent topic of discussion among some of his friends and classmates. He was still in high school but would spend all his free time learning and reading about Bitcoin. When he went to college a year later, he used that as an opportunity to find more people interested in cryptocurrency. he then set up a mining rig in my dorm room and utilized the electricity that was included in the cost of my room and board to power the rig. He continued mining throughout college while also beginning to study technical analysis and trading.

Education & Certifications

Matt earned a B.S. from Illinois Wesleyan University in 2018.

Personal Interests

In his free time, Matt likes to work on his computer and play video games with friends. He is also a collector, so he is always looking for new sports cards, trading cards, sneakers, and virtual collectibles. He also enjoys watching and playing sports, particularly soccer. He loves the Chicago Bulls and goes to every home game with his girlfriend.

Matt's Services

The Crypto Room

Crypto Cue