In Celebration of Ron Ianieri

Co-Founder Emeritus

Ron Ianieri graduated from St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia with a degree in Finance and started his career on the floor of the Philadelphia Stock Exchange. His first day was October 19, 1987 – the day of the historic market crash known as Black Monday when the S&P 500 lost nearly 30% of its value. He began in Market Surveillance, an in-house regulatory department designed to investigate abusive or manipulative practices.

Ron worked on the Foreign Currency Options Floor before moving to the Equity Options Floor for well-known technical and analytical traders Cooper, Neff & Associates. He then served at TFM Investment Group and Gateway Partners, where part of Ron’s responsibilities included hiring and training new traders. It was during this time that he developed his highly respected Option Trader Trainee Course. During his long career as a trader for a number of leading firms, he developed a proprietary trading and strategic risk management program. He also served as a consultant for mutual funds and hedge funds.

Ron was one of the industry’s leading educators and mentors, and established a reputation for cutting-edge training. He served as partner and Chief Options Strategist for Options University. Ron’s leadership earned that firm a spot on the Inc. 500 list of fastest growing companies for two consecutive years, and a position as the market leader in options education.

Ron was seen on CNBC, CNBC Asia, Fox News, Fox Business News, Bloomberg Asia, and BNN for his market commentary. He was also frequently quoted in many financial publications and websites including,, Dow Jones, Market Watch, Barron’s, Wall Street Journal, ABC News, and countless radio talk shows.

Ron founded his own training firm Ion Options, contributed to TycoonU, wrote the acclaimed book “Option Theory and Trading,” and partnered with Jon Najarian, Pete Najarian, and Dirk Mueller-Ingrand first at optionMONSTER and then with Investitute (Now Market Rebellion) where he established highly successful trading strategies and an experienced education team. The Education curriculum designed by Ron Ianieri is one of the most thorough and informative training programs available. His trading strategies employed by the team are testament to his passion for helping individual investors trade smarter.

Ron Ianieri passed away suddenly in the early morning hours of Thursday, March 21, 2019 at the age of 54. He was surrounded by his family and close friends.

From the Community

“Ron Ianieri is undeniably the greatest and most passionate options educator that ever lived. He was personally invested in every single one of his students. He simply loved to teach and wanted everyone to get it, no matter how long it took. Ron was so much more than a great educator, he had many passions. He loved to swim and fish, he was a foodie as am I. I would say out of my top 10 meals in my life at least five of the best were with him. Two trips to Napa with him and no one could do it better. Ron was so generous – generous to a fault as they say. He would do anything for a friend. I am forever grateful for everything he’s given me especially the opportunities, he employed me three different times always holding me accountable by insisting I do my best. He believed in me and encouraged me. He kicked my ass more than once with tough love when I needed it the most. Ron’s legacy will live on here at Investitute and I know I can speak on behalf of all of us that we will honor what he wanted most, and that was to teach the individual investor how to trade options the right way. I love you Ron, my only regret is not spending more time with you the last few years…I just thought you would always be there.”

“Ron was not someone you could forget in a hurry, even if you’d met him for just five minutes, as I did for the first time at the San Francisco Money Show in 2007. The remarkable thing about Ron was his willingness to help, introduce you to people, and offer a constructive opinion. He was also good company – I vaguely remember a fairly boozy lunch at a seafood restaurant in Greenwich CT back in 2010. And although we didn’t speak often, when we did he always remembered who I was and asked how things were going. Very sad that he’s gone so early.”
– Guy Cohen

“Beyond Ron’s bold exterior lived a heart of gold. He will be dearly missed as he touched so many people in his life. Ron’s spirit will be alive in many hearts and his voice will still be heard in our heads if we need a stern talking to or praise if the light finally comes on and we get something we’ve been struggling with. I will keep Ron at the top of my mind by thinking ‘what would Ron do?’ To Ron’s family and friends – Ron was well loved and will be with you always, just close your eyes and listen and he will be there.”
– Kerri B.

“I don’t have a lot of heroes. Ron was one although I never met him in person. His intellect, his passion came across the internet to raise our game. My condolences to his family and colleagues. Rest in Peace.”
– Kevin S.

“I read many of the thoughts of the other ‘All Participants’ I too am shocked and saddened by Ron’s passing. Another of Ron’s rules (unpublished) We should cherish the time we have with the people we care about. Rest in peace my friend.”
– Jeremiah O.

“I took his course on charting and it was very clear this man loved to teach and share knowledge.”
– James H.

“Ron’s death adds to the sense that the world is losing too many good people. Ron’s engagement with life and his commitment to what he did was boundless. The no non-sense gruffness, coupled with concern, in this classes, challenged each of us to be better than we were, as only a truly great teacher can. There was no ruse, he was always himself, unique in his history and the lessons he learned. While he conveyed a sense of the mechanisms underlying market action to use, his greatest lesson was to be a better version of yourself. My deepest condolences to his family, friends and colleagues.”
– Fred S.

“Just wanted to send my condolences to the family and colleagues of Ron. I worked with Ron at TFM Investments back in the late ’80s early ’90s. He was a great guy who always had a story! He loved to tell us about ‘the 7 fishes’ dinners he prepared on Christmas Eve. After reading some of the posts here I see that you continued your life after the PHLX the same way I remember you as a giving, fun loving guy. Rest in peace, Ron. I’ll remember you fondly.”

“It is never nor should it ever be easy when one is lost so suddenly and unexpectedly. This is where thoughts and prayers do mean well. I send them to his immediate family, to the Brothers, to the Investitute Team and to all who knew him. Unfortunately I did not but for the training sessions. I came on board thanks to Steve back in June of 2018 and know how influential and important Ron was to Steve and everyone at Investitute and the rest of us as we learn how to earn. May his life have been a blessing.”

“I had only two Webinars with Ron. I didn’t know at the time why he did not conduct the third Webinar. Life is short and must be valued by all of us. But if you believe in God and everlasting life, you know that Ron’s life is just beginning. My thoughts and prayers are with all of his family. From all of the posts I have read this morning, he was well respected man in his profession and will be dearly missed by everyone that truly knew him.”
– Lyn B.

“I met Ron in San Francisco back in 2007 at an investor seminar. I wanted to meet him before taking his class. After meeting him there was no doubt that he was the teacher that I wanted. Ron was a market maker and I wanted to learn everything he knew. He came back out to San Francisco again in November 2015 for another investor seminar. After the Seminar, Ron and some of his friends got to enjoy visiting the wine country and four of Ron’s favorite wineries in Napa. He knows his wine just like the option market. I got to take his classes for a dozen years and learned that he was the best at what he did with no BS. Will miss him and his teaching style. Rest In Peace my friend.”
– Arthur W.

“Enjoyed Ron’s webinars. Positive vibes to his family and friends!”
– Ava T.

“A massive loss! Such knowledge cannot be replaced.”
– David R.

“Taken from us far too soon. Loved listening to him on Tuesday mornings and reading his stuff. My condolences to his family and friends. May his memory be a blessing.”
– Aurora W.

“I am sorry for your loss at the Investitute family. My heart is burdened. I enjoyed watching Ron’s webinars each week. I learned so much from him. God Bless Ron’s family members and all of you at Investitute.”
– Mark S.

“Ron and I met 16 years ago and from the first minute we met we were friends and held a high respect for each other. Ron was a straight shooter and one of a kind. He is missed and I am saddened to hear of this devastating loss. Bless you, Ron.”
– John Person

“It’s been and honor and a privilege to have worked with one of the most passionate and personally invested instructors in the industry. I remember Ron spending 40 more minutes answering questions from new students after talking in front of an audience for 8 hours. He truly loved what he did and he loved the people that he was able to meet along the way. My head got lit up and put out with a baseball bat many times in our training meetings. Just when I thought I knew something about options, Ron would prove to me there was more. Thanks Ron for all you taught me, for trusting in me, and for your friendship. I’ll miss you brother!”
– Scott Thorstensen, Investitute

“I’ve only known Ron for a dozen years since 2007 and spend most of those years communicating electronically. I have had the pleasure of working with him and hosting him during my workshops and owe a lot of what I know about the financial business from Ron. He is the reason I am. That picture of us with John Person and Jon Najarian represents the happiest time I’ve had in the U.S. and it was all possible because of you. I will miss you, Ron. I have one less precious friend to chat with and one less buddy to work with but this one is a huge part of me. You will not be forgotten.”
– Conrad Alvin Lim

“Ron knew more about options than anyone I’ve ever met. He started teaching me them over drinks at the Biltmore Hotel in Miami one night very long ago and I was hooked since then. Some of the things he said that night continue to resonate with me to this day. I was fortunate to share the stage with him later at events in San Francisco and Chicago. I always enjoyed his company, he will be missed. Rest in peace, Ron.”
– Peter R.

“I cannot imagine how much pain and loss Ron’s family is experiencing right now. I am deeply grieved as well! Ron was my Mentor, Coach and friend. Last year, he told me were menschs. I respected him immensely! What a shocking loss! Ron knew me as a minister of the Gospel. I believe that he knew Jesus as his Savior before he passed.”
– Jim T.

“I first came to know Ron and Judith with IonOptions, later we made the transition to Investitute. In our few personal conversations I recognized his genuine nature which did not differ from his teaching style. Among other talents, Ron instinctively knew when to call my attention to a matter, and when to offer direction and praise. There are fewer genuine people these days, and fewer yet like Ron. I will remember him and will miss him. Rest in peace Ron.”
– WC F.

“I joined Investitute family in September of 2018 and was advised to sign up for educational courses because it was taught by great Ron Ianieri. At first, I was hesitant. Now, I am so glad I did. In December, he took time to talk to me on the phone to encourage me to sign up for Phoenix Portfolio. Ron was a great teacher in his dedication, simplicity and detailed explanations.The education that I got from his teachings are invaluable and the success that I have achieved in these few months are thanks to him. May God rest your soul, Ron. You will be greatly missed.”
– Susan M.

“First of all, my thoughts and prayers go out to Ron’s family. I always wondered what motivated Ron to teach do-it-yourself option traders. I guess it is in his blood and he was marvelous at it. Having been an Investitute member several years now, I have immersed myself in his instruction and I have always been in awe for his passion to teach and educate. His webinars have always been direct, and spot on, and regardless of my fleeting confidence in options, I always try to absorb everything I can from Ron. His directness has always been appreciated because as we all eventually find, an option can turn against you and when they do, they bite hard. Through his videos and webinars, I feel like I have known Ron, and from outset, I totally trusted his teaching and I greatly respected his “art” of trading options. I will miss Ron and I will always remember his passion to teach and mentor his students.”
– Steve T.

“Ron’s commitment to the success of his students was unparalleled. His philosophy that you have to know a lot to make a little is a driving motivator to constantly improve my trading skills. For that, I be always be grateful to Ron. My condolences to his loved ones.”
– Robert S.

“Ohhh man. That sucks!!!!! Had a great call on Tuesday. Rest in peace, Ron!!”
– Kronan H.

“I’m so sorry for Investitute’s loss and his family. I’m not an Investitute student but I would read and watch Ron’s Investitute materials. I pray for his family.”
– Gary S.

“I was dismayed and saddened by the news of Ron’s passing. My condolences go out to his family and to his friends. May he rest in peace.”
– Ken T.

“I loved Ron’s brash East Coast style combined with his passion to teach and make sure we learned how to interpret and execute his strategies the right way. It was a privilege to be a member of his classes over the past 4 years. I can honestly say that Ron helped give me skills that will enhance my family’s future. In class, Ron would always ask us how we did on our successful trades just wanting to know the percentage gain, but sometimes students would offer more details. I remember one gentleman saying he made enough on one trade to pay off his truck. And one time, a woman said she paid for a semester of her daughter’s tuition with one trade. Ron gave us so much. He gave us knowledge, confidence and a skill set to enhance our futures. I am shocked and saddened, first and foremost for his family, friends, co-workers and those who knew him. But I am also sad for the students he taught as well as the thousands of other students who he would have taught over the next few decades. His loss cannot be measured. He made this world a better place, every day. I hope and pray that God has a lot more people in Heaven who need his coaching and mentoring. I will do my best to honor Ron and his family by using the skills he taught me to make the lives of those around me better.”

“Ron was a truly dedicated options specialist and purist, the best options educator I’ve ever met. You were born to trade, and you traded it hard. Larger-than-life yet down-to-earth, a great colleague and a great friend. Truly one of a kind. You will be missed but never forgotten, and your legacy will carry on through the marvelous curriculum and services you set forth at Investitute. ‘ROLL, ROLL, ROLL’ into eternity my friend.”
– Chris Tsiolis, Investitute

“There are no words to adequately express how much Ron meant to me as a mentor and as a friend. He was my first true mentor and was always there when I had a question about anything he taught me. He was extremely knowledgeable and thorough. Ron was a straight shooter and would always tell it like it was. While he could be a tough taskmaster, he always injected humor into his scolding and was always certain that I ‘got it.’ I will continue to listen to and treasure every one of your recorded sessions. Ron, you will be sorely missed by your many students. We pray for you and for your family in this very difficult time.”
– Bob H.

“Wow, I am so stunned and saddened to hear of Ron’s passing. I have learned so much from him going back to his optionMONSTER Education classes to his live classes. He recently told a group of us on a live conference call he considered us friends and not students & clients. I believe him. My condolences to his Family & Friends. Rest in peace, my friend.”
– Mitch J.

“I am a new member to Investitute but do recall his analysis on options during the webinars. Thought his advice and comments were ‘right on’ and he was considerate to bringing forth what new investors need to know but rarely hear. Sorry for his passing as I can tell he was immensely loved by all who knew him.”
– Burl S.

“Ron didn’t know me – I’ve only been enrolled in Investitute for 6 weeks – but I know Ron. In such little time, Ron’s impact on me has been profound. Yes, Ron was a trader, but more importantly, Ron was a teacher. In 6 weeks, Ron has taught me more about options trading than I’ve gathered over the last 6 years. I believe most of us like to give, or would like to give back one day, and I think that when you give, giving your time is more valuable than giving your money. And I think Ron was doing just that – giving back the best way he could, anyone can, as a teacher. I could tell right away he was a special teacher, and someone I could learn a lot from, and I knew he had my back when I was listening to him. That means a lot to me. I consider myself extremely blessed and lucky to have joined Investitute when I did to have had a chance to learn from him. I am grateful to Ron and his family for the lasting impact he had on this rookie, and I will not discount this time when I look back on my trading days knowing my start was with Ron Ianieri.”
– Christopher S.

“One of my closest friends since high school, Ron valued friends and family above all and once your were part of Ron’s extended family he would do anything for you. He taught me covered call strategy and was ad hoc advisor on Finance, Business, and life. America has lost a true patriot and world class citizen and I have lost a great friend.”
– Matthew S.

“Ron’s passion for helping others was his life work and a reflection of a generous and noble heart. May this meritorious intention carry on within all of us. Namaste’ Ron.”

“What an unbelievably sad day! I learned options from Ron at Options University. I was fortunate to meet him, and he impressed me as one of the most loving human beings I have ever met. He was dedicated to us, the individual investors, and taught options in such detail because we are trading our own money and we needed to know everything about options. I have a notebook full of transcripts of his classes that I refer to all the time. To this day I have never sold a naked put because he promised to find me and set my hair on fire and put it out with a baseball bat if I ever did that. God bless you, Ron. You are with the angels, I know.”
– Sara R.

“My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends in this tough time. I am just shocked. I just started in October with Investitute. Ron was my anchor to help me get through my courses. I trusted and believed in what he was saying. Because of him I built up my confidence to go into options trading. I felt like I knew him even though I never met him. He will be missed.”
– Lisa H.

“I will always credit Ron Ianieri for teaching me how to understand, use and trade options correctly. He was always engaging and fun and passionate about not just his students, but his friends, being able to expertly wield the immense power of trading tools. And I was luckier still to be able to call Ron a friend. We had the opportunity to work and travel together, and those are some of my fondest memories. He cooked a fantastic steak and was as skilled at picking out a red wine as he was explaining the Greeks. What a loss to the trading community, and the universe. The world is a little quieter and a lot less animated without Ron in it. Thanks for being my friend and mentor.”
– Dawn P.

“I’m a brand new member. Like less than two weeks. Upon hearing my first webinar hosted by Ron I fell in love with him and immediately recognized him as a superior teacher and man. This is so #%#%#! My heart goes out to his loved ones.”
– David B.

“Shocking news! I have been a student of Ron’s for four years and his voice has been a household item ever since. My wife even knows his voice, ‘ROLL, ROLL, ROLL.’ He is missed by many. GOD bless him and grant him peace. I will think of Ron every time I place a trade, for sure. His educating style has touched many. I truly respected him.”
– Buck E.

“My heart goes out to Ron’s family, friends, and Investitute family. I’ve been listening to Ron’s webinars for almost two years and have found great success with his teachings. Ron’s voice is in my head when I place a trade. Especially when it’s one that he wouldn’t like. Rest in peace Ron, thank you for sharing a small portion of your life.”
– Jerrod T.

“First off my thoughts and prayers for his family and his friends. I include myself in that group, even though I’ve never met him. He seemed like a friend to me. Someone I could count on to be on my side and someone who would give you the truth. I felt like he cared enough to make me learn and understand what he was teaching. And it was because of that passion that I learned to care about what I was doing in this service. That dedication to this craft has helped make all the difference. I was a slow learner and I could hear him urging us to get the education and work at it. Luckily for me, I was able to listen, take the classes and successfully put into practice the things he was teaching. I’ve been an Investitute member for nearly two years and I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity to learn from Ron. I will miss his ‘How’s everybody doing out there?’ greeting. I will miss him. Our loss will be heaven’s gain.”
– John F.

“I have basically just started my classes, and it didn’t take long to figure out that Ron truly had a unique understanding of the history of the markets and the way they actually work. I didn’t get to meet Ron, but I knew I liked his teaching style. It was clear to me very quickly that I was being taught by a master. Sometimes he would say something in the webinar that you could tell a student took personally. They didn’t understand how he could talk to them like that. After all, they were paying for the course. That was the difference. Ron was there to truly teach you, not just take your money, and he clearly knew how to accomplish this based on a lifetime of experience and a superior intellect. I was really shocked when I received the email. I knew Ron had been sick, but he kept on teaching us. I miss him already. My condolences to Ron’s family and close friends. Prayers for all of you in this time of loss.”
– Mark M.

“Ron made such a huge impact on me personally and my trading, his dynamic personality and his matter of fact way of getting things across was so refreshing in this world we live in these days. I never met the man but was hoping to at the next Investitute get together, just to shake his hand and tell him thank you for all he has done for me and the betterment of my trading. I always could tell his passion for teaching because he always had that chuckle when a trader in the chat on his live or after hours classes said they made a buck or two. In my earlier days of his training I will always remember when he asked in a live Investitute training class (this was during trading hours) ‘who is in BABA?’ I said ‘I was’ and his response was ‘BABA is at a huge resistance and I would consider rolling hard or getting out, and if I were you I WOULD GET OUT!’ I did get out instantly and BABA hit that resistance line 10 minutes later and went straight down the rest of the day. He always said ‘trading was an art’ and I can see how it is and I can only hope I got enough from his passion for trading and even more as I interpreted his love for teaching. Thank you Ron, Rest in Peace my friend.”
– Jeff H.

“The tragic news of Ron’s untimely departure can’t stop ringing in my ears. No words could describe the sadness. We all have parents who teach us to become good people and only few fortunate ones can claim to experience the influence of an incredible mentor to become good professionals. I feel myself privileged to call Ron my mentor since my first classes at tradeMONSTER in 2011 and until the days at Investitute at the end of 2018. The knowledge, the insight that Ron passed to us, his students – ‘moppets,’ was invaluable. He turned my prior haphazard options trading into a harmonious meaningful reliable pragmatic and practical system, and I’ll be forever thankful for his rare praise when I indeed learned something and ever more grateful for his merciless scolding at my ‘Priceline moments.’ Thank you, Ron, you made me a better trader. I will always remember and miss you. My deepest condolences to your family. Rest in peace, sensei.”
– Jacob P.

“I just can’t believe the news of Ron’s passing. I will truly miss him, the webinars and classes I had the privilege of attending with him for the passed six years will never be the same. From now on I will listen to the replays of his webinars with a different respect. He has taught me so much about options and I still have a lot to learn. Things definitely won’t be the same. I loved his style of teaching and he really knew options. There was no question that I would always get the right answer from Ron. It has been a blessing and a privilege to have you as my options teacher. You are the BEST. God bless you my friend, I pray for you and your family in this most difficult time.”
– Mark A.

“Incredibly sad and shocking! He was the Maestro trying to conduct his daily bumbling high school band of investors during our web sessions. After hundreds of hours going through the classes, then the webinars, at first I was shocked at his sometimes blunt ‘tough love’ remarks, but soon I realized it was because he really did care about his students, of which I was honored to be one. Integrity, a hard thing to find these days. A great teacher, a good man, a terrible loss to us all. My prayers are with his family. God Speed Ron.”
– John S.

“Dear Ron I miss you already, for the last five months I have looked forward to your Tuesday morning classes. You put the excitement in me for learning options trading. I learned something new almost every time or at least positive reinforcement of your most valuable rules of trading. It’s hard to believe such a vibrant personality could be gone so soon. My deepest condolences to your family and close friends.”
– Tim H.

“I started with Investitute 3 weeks ago and got through the first few courses. His distinct, raspy voice resonated with me long after I shut down my iPad. I feel like I lost a good friend although I never met him. It will be strange to listen to the remaining courses, although it will drive me to learn what he wanted for us…to be well-educated traders. He was truly an expert at his craft and a great teacher. My thoughts and prayers to his family, friends and co-workers. He will be missed.”
– Ron G.

“I met Ron a couple of times in person and listened to many webinars. His great teaching style will be greatly missed. Condolences to Ron’s family.”
– Julie W.

“My deepest, heart-felt condolences to Ron and his family. I just recently joined Investitute and realized right away that Ron was a unique educator and felt extremely lucky to have someone like him as a teacher. He had a real down-to-earth style about him that made you feel he had your back and wanted you to succeed. We lost a fantastic teacher and I’m sure to many, a good friend. God Bless him.”
– Marco R.

“Ron made such a huge difference in my life in such a short time. He never wasted a moment of life from what I know of him. He will live on in all of us who were fortunate enough to be taught by him. You can rest now.”
– David N.

“He had his father and brother by his side when he passed. Ron had a lovely finance Jessica who I last saw by his side yesterday when I said my goodbye to him. Ron had a big heart and for all of his ‘bluster’ he was willing to give more than he actually had. I spent a lot of time with him in the last 7 months including listening to him teach his classes. Each and every one of his students he loved bringing along. I said to him more than a few times I was impressed by how much he cared for everyone in his online classes. How he cared about them learning his Theory correctly. He was an Iconic worldwide figure in the investment world of Options Trading. His many friends and family will miss him, as will I. Rest in Peace Ron.”
– Captain Joe Sullivan

“Very sad to hear. What can a person say, Ron will be missed by many. Thank you Ron and God speed.”
– Ron C.

“Ron meant so much to me. I learned so much from Ron. He used to ream us through the floor when we gave him wrong answers and didn’t know our options theory. I started with optionMONSTER in 2012 and stayed because of Ron. I will miss him so much. My best regards to his Father, Brother, and children.”
– Dee W.

“My tears just can’t stop flowing, for the shocking loss of such a special unique man. Ron’s passing is tragic news. I’ve enjoyed his coaching weekly, sometimes daily, for the past 2 years and have been blessed to call Ron My Coach. Thank you Ron. Rest in peace.”
– Jacqueline T.

“I am shocked and sad by the news. He was a great guy and great options educator and will be missed. It is said those who are loved on this earth are also loved by God in heaven. I wish his soul rest in peace. May God give courage to his family to bear this great loss.”
– Shiv G.

“While I only knew Ron through our webinars, from the outset I greatly appreciated his pugnacious, no nonsense, no BS style. He could seem to be impolite and even unkind, but upon further reflection, what he was communicating was his passion to make us better traders. What he committed himself to was to help us become darn good thinkers about the market opportunities that presented themselves. He did not suffer fools gladly because he was committed to help each of us not to be fools when it came to options investing. I know Ron will be irreplaceable. Every reflection he made over the precious few short weeks that we had with him was based on years of experience and remarkable wisdom about options. Quickly, I was amazed at what he could see through all the market noise. And I was astounded when his predictions about what would happen, would actually happen. It was frankly a little spooky. I will greatly miss his reflections and pronouncements. I will miss his barking at us, his passion to whip us into shape as seasoned options investors. As devastated as I feel at the loss, I can only imagine how his family and friends and everyone at Investiture feel. My heartfelt condolences to all of you. And to you Ron, thank you so much for caring about our education and our investment success. While we never met personally, I too will miss you very, very much.”
– Neal A.

“So sad to hear this. I loved Tuesday mornings with Ron on TNT webinar calls. So funny and entertaining. He was one of a kind. He will truly be missed.”
– Jason S.

“I was deeply saddened to hear of Ron’s passing. He was an amazing teacher and mentor for all the students / clients in Investitute. His enthusiasm, passion, and energy for options inspired all of us. His instruction and coaching inspired, encouraged, and even challenged me to become not only a better options trader, but a better person.”
– Dick H.

“I am in shock. Just last week he was telling to roll every night. I’ll miss him even if we only knew each other through a couple of interactions on the Tuesday morning call. My condolences to his family and the Investitute team.”
– Alex M.

“Sorry to hear about Ron. Condolences to his family and friends. Not a member but have great respect for Jon Pete and Ron. Rest in Peace.”
– Gary J.

My deepest sympathies to Ron’s family and friends. My prayers for you. He will be missed by many! My only connection was the Tuesday morning online webinars. I will certainly miss his no BS delivery at those webinars.”
– Bill H.

“Like so many others, the news of Ron’s sudden passing was a shock. I’m terribly saddened by this news and my most sincere condolences go out to Ron’s family and the Investitute family. Ron was truly one of a kind. I learned so incredibly much from him and use his teachings every day. He will be sorely missed.”
– Alan L.

“I’m very new Investitute, but in only a couple of months I looked forward to Ron’s animated and educational webinar every Tuesday. Was looking forward to many more and am shocked to hear of his passing.”
– Anjan C.

“Ron was the best at what he did, but even more a very generous and caring man. He called a spade a spade and always stayed true to himself. The best teacher I ever had. I will miss you my friend. You changed many people’s lives for the better, mine included. You will be in my heart forever and your words of wisdom will always be my guide. Your legacy will live on forever. Into the light my friend!!”
– Roman A.

“Wow – what a shock! I have been listening to Ron over the past year, looking forward to his no nonsense messages every Tuesday morning. He was a great instructor and I am sure that I only saw a very tiny part of what he contributed. A guy who made a difference in people’s lives…that’s how I will remember him! Thank you Ron!!”
– Gary R.

“I heard Ron’s Tuesday morning sessions. He brought a lot of passion to his work which was felt while hearing his words. My heartfelt condolences. May his family be blessed and be strong.”
– Manisha S.

“Shocked to hear the sad news. He was a committed and passionate educator. I still have his texts regarding some trades and truly feel like an orphaned trader. My thoughts and prayers are with his family in this difficult time. He will be missed.”
– Jayanthi M.

“I recently completed Ron’s options theory this past summer. Ron’s clear explanations and teaching style opened a whole new world for me to trade options. I looked forward to his weekly Webinars. He will be missed. My condolences and prayers to his family, Jon, Pete and the entire Investitute Family.”
– David B.

“I was a student of Ron’s when he was with Options University. I’ve spent a lot of money through the years on trading education, but Ron’s course was by far and away the best. It was really like a college course on options trading. Ron was teaching reversals, conversions, jelly rolls, second-tier greeks, and trade morphing when other programs would barely touch on butterflies. I am so glad that I took that course. Ron was recommended to me by the then head of Education at Thinkorswim. TOS had no affiliation with Ron whatsoever. That just goes to show you how highly Ron was regarded in the options education field. I was incredibly shocked and saddened to hear that a force of nature like Ron had been taken from us so soon. To his family and friends, please accept my sincere condolences. He left a lasting impression on my life and I will miss him. Ron was truly, in every sense of the word, a mensch.”
– John D.

“Wow! I haven’t cried in a long time. I cried like a baby today and I never met the man in person! He taught me everything about options and reminded me so much of football and hockey coaches I had growing up. I owe Ron so much – he was a great teacher and coach. Rest in peace, my friend. I’ll never forget you telling people in the webinar ‘NO NO NO that’s totally wrong!’ Right there I knew you were the teacher and coach for me! You would always tell it like it is! I took all Ron’s classes 3-4 years ago and to this day, any time I deal with options I think of Ron and smile. I’ll miss you my friend. GOD BLESS YOU!”
– Kurtis H.

“Ron was a great guy and it was easy to tell he loved teaching. Ron’s family has my condolences and Ron, go with God’s grace.”
– Derrick J.

“Wow…just shocking to miss Ron!! Have only heard two of Ron’s lectures…he has been tremendously inspiring. To Ron’s family, friends and coworkers…deepest condolences.”
– Michael C.

“Shocked to hear this news. Very Sad. Rest in peace, Ron. My condolences to friends and family.”
– Anil C.

“Painful beyond words. I learned so much from this man.”
– Terrel C.

“Ron was one of my mentors early in my options trading and was the consummate teacher. His enthusiasm and vigor with which he taught options theory are principles that I continue to use every day. He will be greatly missed by me and others who were fortunate enough to learn from him.”
– Dennis A.

“I am so incredibly sad to hear of Ron’s untimely death. I can say without hesitation that Ron’s videos, rants and webinars have changed my life. He was such an indomitable force! I send my deepest condolences to Ron’s family, his close friends and his Investitute Family, which includes those among us that he never met in person, but who will so genuinely miss him.”
– Laura S.

“I’m totally shocked and heartbroken over the passing of this legend. A larger than life personality that cared about the well being of everyone he came across. I had the pleasure of being taught by one of the masters and feel blessed to have known Ron from his time at optionMONSTER to now. My deepest condolences to Ron’s family and friends. Rest in peace brother.”
– Mark D.

“I’m shocked and saddened by Ron’s passing. He was the absolute best options educator ever and his ‘No BS – take no prisoners’ teaching style and spot-on trading ideas will be greatly missed by all who were either lucky enough to happen upon him and/or were long-term followers.”
– Randy J.

“I am so very sorry to hear of Ron’s passing. His teaching method drew me in as I knew I would remember what I learned from him… like no one else. I was so lucky to participate in his trade camps. To his family and close friends…my condolences.”
– Denny R.

“I am an Investitute student and have been listening to Ron’s classes and webinars for only one month but have come to love his personality and passion for teaching. I am truly saddened by his untimely passing and offer my deepest condolences. He will be in my thoughts always.”
– Bill M.

“My condolences to the Ianieri family. Very sad to learn of his passing. I became acquainted with Ron when I took the classes at optionMONSTER, Tuesday webinars and also his class on drawing chart lines. He greatly helped me in learning options. I will feel his loss every time I view a chart or an option table. Thanks Ron and God bless.”
– Lucien Z.

“What a Great Teacher! Love and prayers to his family and friends. I wish I would have had an opportunity to meet him in person. Thank You Ron.”
– Bob H.

“I am a member of Investitute. Ron did a great job. I am so sorry to hear of his passing. Rest in peace, Ron. My condolences to his family.”
– Girolama L.

“Sorry to hear, just joined a couple of weeks ago and was looking forward to Ron’s insight. I will remember Ron and his family in our prayers.”
– Paul M.

“Originally, I was with Options Animal and heard about ‘How we Trade Options’ a book written by the Najarians. I was one of the younger students accepted into optionMONSTER Education and Joel was my coach; I had rigorous learning to do for a better background in Options – including the Options Pricing Model, Greeks, and Strategies; Ron reminded me and was on par with Washington University Professors. I got my BSBA from there. Bill Johnson, a close colleague of Ron helped with Spreads. Ron was a powerhouse in the industry. I am forever grateful to the Najarians and Ron Ianieri, and others. My condolences to the family.”
– Eric H.

“I only started with Investitute in 2018. Living in Miami and Ron being nearby allowed me an opportunity to meet him several times outside the classroom. He was a great, great educator and a man who was passionate about options education, wine, and food. Being from the northeast, I immediately, upon meeting him, thought if we had met 20 – 30 years ago we would have been life long friends. I will miss his direct approach to his classes and his insight into the markets, but know that Ryan, Stu, John, Pete and the whole team will make him proud. To his family and loved ones god bless and may he live in everlasting peace.”
– Paul D.

“One of the best teachers that I have ever had! Ron’s ability to thoroughly explain all of the concepts and theories of options trading was truly amazing! The Webinars and Education courses are priceless! What I have learned in just 9 months will have a huge impact on me the rest of my life! He will be truly missed! Our prayers are with Ron, Family, Friends and the amazing Investitute Team. Rest in Peace and God Bless!”
– Darrin M.

“I am shocked and saddened to hear this news. Ron taught me everything I needed to know about options trading when my life was in a very desperate place. He changed my life as a trader, and how I view life in everyday decisions. I still have recordings from 2010 that I go back to when I forget details or make mistakes. My sincerest sympathies go out to his family and loved ones. He is a great man and his legacy lives on in people he trained and got to know as individuals like me. Rest in peace Ron, a true legend and mentor.”
– Ron F.

“There are no words to express my sorrow in his passing. I have been with Ron for several years and learned so much from him. I attended his Trade Camp for about 24 months, 3 mornings a week, and always looked forward to each session, as did several of you that are still here. Money can not buy the knowledge I acquired from him in my options journey. Rest in peace and God bless his family and friends.”
– Barbara P.

“Even though I have never personally met Ron, I felt like I had known him forever. I just finished my courses on Options Theory at Investitute with all the videos with Ron. His passion to teach and make sure you learned his teachings was heart felt. I will truly miss him and his captivating voice and personality. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends. He will be missed dearly.”
– Dale T.

“Wow – what a shock! Only been with Investitute about 3 months, but definitely came to appreciate Ron’s experience and his original thinking about how to approach options trading. My deepest condolences to his family and those of you who knew him as a friend.”
– Ian F.

“I’m so so shocked and disheartened by his sudden passing. He was way way too young to pass. We will all miss you Ron. I can’t tell you how many times I was cracking up uncontrollably as he flamed an uninformed student. My favorite rant of his was ‘Roll Roll Roll!!!!’ Rest in peace.”
– Steven B.

“Had the tremendous honor and opportunity to work with Ron for a number of years. He was as passionate as he was intelligent. It’s a rare combination. Still, my favorite memory was talking about our kids and youth while enjoying a steak dinner in New York City.”
– Nate P.

“Ron, you are the best. Totally caring and a great person. Glad I at least got to talk to you just a few days ago. Did not know it was going to be like this. You have changed so many lives only for the better.”
– Hiren P.

“Everytime I heard Ron speak, whether at a conference or over drinks at a bar, I learned something invaluable. He was larger than life, with a personality that matched his passion for trading. He loved life, and I wonder if he ever knew how much we loved him. He was the ultimate professional and a wonderful man. Rest in peace, my good friend.”
– Mike Yamamoto, Investitute

“Ron had such an incredible passion for educating, and I am blessed to have been able to call him a coach. I’ll never forget one of the calls I received from him in the middle of the day to make sure I understood the metrics of a particular trade, which he then called me back the next day to confirm I had learned it! Ron cared, so much. He had the biggest heart and I am so grateful and proud to have known him. Not a day will go by that I won’t remember his passion for what he loved.”
– Chris Sykora, Investitute

“Words can’t express my sympathies and condolences to Ron’s friends and family for this tragic loss. I never met him in person but always enjoyed his guidance during the countless webinars I enjoyed with him. I was fortunate enough to go through the entire Investitute training series so his voice was a constant presences in my life for months on end. My wife used to joke that she thought he’d become a member of the family! In some ways, he had. I truly felt in his words and actions his dedication to bringing this education to the common investor as a way to give back with his knowledge and talent. I’d like to think he is up there smiling and continuing to roll, roll, roll!”
– Randall K.

“As a retired educator, I decided to learn about options trading. Luckily, I managed to subscribe to one of Ron’s services, as well as taking an online seminar class from him. I grew to appreciate his very strong desire to impress upon you (me) the need to learn about options from the professionals; and if you weren’t willing to spend the time and effort to learn, then maybe you should do something else. His contributions were powerful and unique. My condolences to his family, friends and colleagues. He will be greatly missed.”
– Ron J.

“My deepest condolences to the family at home and at work. My prayers will be for all in this time of loss.”
– George E.

“Wow, I am truly shocked and saddened by the news. I had the opportunity to spend time with Ron a few years ago in San Antonio and over the years attended many of his workshops and webinars. I always appreciated his Frank, no-nonsense style to teaching. He taught me a lot and will be deeply missed. God Bless you Ron. Rest in peace, my friend.”
– Brian N.

“Mahalo Ron, Aloha ‘Oe”
– Tom K.

“I will always remember Ron as a fun loving happy jolly person a great spirit always smiling laughing and cracking jokes He was the life of the party a great soul he will be tremendously missed. Rest in peace my friend.”
– Iris A.

“Sincere condolences to Ron’s family. It is hard to lose a loved one, especially when it is unforeseen and sudden. I always appreciated Ron’s straightforward comments and brutal honesty. He taught with passion and honesty; learn it or leave it. I am still learning and will not be leaving. Thanks Ron for being tough. And honest.”
– David E.

“I’m so sad to hear, he was a great teacher. I’ve only been with Investitute a short time, he’ll be greatly missed. I was worried about Ron lately, I was med-flighted to the hospital recently with pneumonia, ICU for six days. He was such a great educator, God bless his family and friends.”
– Vaughn M.

“I learned so much from Ron. His teaching ensured that my autistic daughter will be taken care of for the rest of her life. Ron once told me that if he ever caught me selling a naked option he would light my hair on fire and put it out with a shovel. He will be missed.”
– Robert H.

“We joined Investitute several months ago and changed so much of our trading because of Ron’s teachings. How often in these past months I would say to my husband, ‘Well Ron Ianieri always says…’ And so we would follow what Ron says!! His knowledge, creativity and love for what he taught always radiated through. His passion will live on in the hearts and minds of those he taught. Ron’s family & friends are in our prayers during this difficult time. May God bring you comfort in the memories you have together. In our Prayers.”
– Heather & Joe D.

“This is shocking to hear at such a young age. Ron did a fabulous job of teaching option trading. I enjoyed taking the classes and have learned so much and will continue putting the information to use in my trading life. To his family: Always remember your positive and fun memories of Ron whenever you feel sad and down. He was a great person and superb teacher. Be proud of his contributions to the options trading community.”
– Jane B.

“Everything ‘right’ that I know about trading options I learned from Ron. Wish I could say that I had avoided his gasoline, flame thrower, and baseball bat, learning it all, but I didn’t. And I’m the better trader for it. I will treasure the recordings of his webinars even more knowing there will be no more. Rest in peace Ron, you were the straightest of shooters. Thanks for everything.”
– Mark S.

“I have been with Investitute only for the past month but I could appreciate his direct, no-nonsense approach to teaching. He provided many clear points of reference about the options landscape that help me greatly in selecting the best strategy. My condolences to his family whom will miss him the most. Also to all of you guys at Investitute who knew him personally.”
– Allen L.

“My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends in this tough time. Rest in Peace.”
– Urjit A.

“Sorry to hear that Ron has passed away so young. Rest in peace & condolences to his family. Enjoyed learning from him on TNT.”
– Scott G.

“This is a very sad day. I’ve only gotten the shortest chance to learn under Ron though his courses and live webinars but I found him a straight shooter driven to teach us all both the basic and intricate nature of trading options. He worked as hard as any teacher and forced us to keep up. My heart goes out to his family, friends and students. I’m certain that those who have had much more time with him than me are richer in every aspect of the word having his guidance. I will miss his booming, gravelly voice.”
– Don M.

“My deepest condolences to his family and to all who knew him. While doing his instructing he was hard on anyone who got something wrong or didn’t do their homework. But I love that about him. He made sure we don’t make the same mistake again! I will always remember this frequent comment of his: “If you make that mistake again I am going to pour gasoline on you, ignite it and then put the fire out with a baseball bat!” What a great instructor, colorful and wonderful man…he will surely be missed. Rest in Peace.”
– Richard E.

“Ron was the master. He will be missed deeply. He shall live on in our trading lives forever.”
– Manoj G.

“Sat in on Ron’s presentation back in the optionMONSTER days. You don’t doze off when he is talking. He always had time to talk to you whenever you saw him.”
– John M.

“My deepest condolences to Ron’s family, friends and the entire Investitute community. I absolutely loved Ron’s passionate teaching style and infinite option trading knowledge. He will be so missed…sorry…no words!”
– Giuli D.

“I am so shocked and sad to hear the news. It is rare you meet a man so smart and successful that was also so down to earth. He will be missed. Best wishes to Ron’s family.”
– Ed K.

“It is clearly my impression that Ron was a caring and dedicated teacher. Bless his family and memory.”
– Robert D.

“Sad day. Nobody has ever measured, how much the heart can hold.”
– Angie A.

“I just joined Investitute about 8 weeks ago and even in that short time have come to respect Ron for his passion for teaching – God I feel so bad, he was so young to go. May God bless him.”
– Gordon P.

“Ron was the most enthusiastic instructor I’ve ever known. I will miss his perspective and fiery passion for options trading. I have his family and friends in my thoughts, and I know that they and the entire Investitute community will keep going in his spirit.”
– Laura Peters, Investitute

“I have interacted with Ron for only a couple of weeks, being new to the program, but I have loved his style! Tremendous energy and intelligence with a strong element of humor – a great instructor. Always made me laugh, while learning. He will certainly be greatly missed.”
– Ray D.

“So sorry to hear about Ron. I’ve only been a member for a month but loved his passion every Tuesday morning. My condolences to his family and friends because he will be greatly missed by all of us. Rest in peace, Ron.”
– Gary K.

“I am shocked. This is very sad news. So young! Although I only know Ron through Investitute, my heart is very heavy. My sincere condolences to his family.”
– Pushpinder K.

“This is absolutely the most unbelievable news I received today. Ron Ianieri we love you! Words cannot express how to say THANK YOU!!! For EVERYTHING! My condolences to your family you have lost an unbelievable man. May god rest your soul!”
– Elvis C.

“While I only knew Ron through the Investitute calls, he brought a sense of commitment to his work along with a concern for the people he was teaching. You just knew he cared about what he was doing and had a true passion for helping others. Our prayers are with his family.”
– Jim B.

“They say a life is not measured by the years, but rather by the moments. I found that the moments that I interacted with Ron to be wonderful. He was very gracious with his time and knowledge. In a crowded room, he made you feel like you were the most important person when he was talking with you. He was a wonderful mentor and I will miss our interactions.”
– Sunil M.

“So sorry to hear about Ron’s passing. I was lucky enough to be part of Ron’s classes. May God bless his family. He will never be forgotten.”
– Harry M.

“So, so, sad…Spent 8-10 hours/week with him for 2 1/2 years….that’s more than my golfing buddies! He would rip me and coach me all the time…sometimes within minutes! Doubt I’d have ever made it in this business without him. Rest in peace, Ron Ianieri…you have had a tremendous effect on soooo many lives. Thanks.”
– Tom K.

“My condolences to the Ianieri family. Ron was much too young. As a member of the Investitute community I really enjoyed his enthusiasm and teaching. God Bless.”
– Dianna S.

“What a great loss, I looked so forward to Tuesday mornings and Ron’s gregarious voice. Ron was a great teacher and mentor. Thoughts and prayers to the family and friends for your tremendous loss.”
– Craig R.

“Absolutely shocking! The weekly calls will never be the same again. My condolences to the family.”
– Tom B.

“Saddened by this news. Even though I never got chance to meet Ron, I have been impressed by his outstanding teaching skills and extraordinary option trading abilities. I have learned a lot from him since I joined Investitute. May Ron Rest In Peace!”
– Sue D.

“I am very sorry to hear we lost him at such a young age. I really enjoyed talking with him about trade ideas.”
– Mark F.

“My condolences to the Ianieri family. I just joined the Investitute community but I always look forward to the Tuesday analysis with Ron and that distinguish voice of his. Thank you Ron for sharing your knowledge, you will be missed.”
– Michael S.

“Rest in Peace! I just started 2 weeks ago. Watching his course videos made me eager and excited to learn because you knew he was the best. I was hoping to meet him some day. I’m really sad about his passing. Thoughts and prayers to his family and friends.”
– Ron M.

“We are so sorry to hear about Ron’s passing. It is a shock and we are feeling your loss. Ron made us laugh every week and he will live on forever in our world. What sad, sad news. Our hearts go out to his family. Big hugs Warmly.”
– Stacy and Mario C.

“I just started doing the webinars on Tuesday morning. He would always answer my questions and explain in depth. Challenged the group with questions. Not much older than I am. Heavy heart and I will miss him on Tuesday mornings. Very sad.”
– Chris M.

“I am shocked and sad to hear about Ron’s passing. Prayers and thoughts to his family and friends. I got to listen to Ron every Tuesday morning for the webinar for a few months and learned a lot. His teaching style was unique and you knew you were getting one of the best options teachers. Thanks Ron! He will be missed.”
– Darcy W.

“Keep it Simple S…!! Ron changed my life!! He said to me that if I stick with him, I would be able to trade in my underwear even at 70 years old. He told me that if I learn this stuff and stay consistent I would win BIG like he does. He has opened my eyes to a world that I didn’t even imagine being a part of. Ron was a man’s man. Ron gave you what you needed whether you wanted it or not. He had the wisdom and the passion to be there for you no matter what in order for you to learn to overcome and win in any situation. Ron was a friend and I will miss him so much.”
– Peter Scott, Investitute

“Back when we were both traders on the PHLX, I walked into Ron’s Dell Computer crowd one day to do a few trades. In his subtle and eloquent tone, he told me to beat it and learn how to make a real market first, then he would consider allowing me to trade in his crowd. Never forgot that one.”
– Stuart Dorfman, Investitute

“Ron, I had the privilege of sitting through several of your investment classes and you were always so focused on helping us to understand the environment of the Unusual Option Activity program. Thanks for what you contributed to my investment success. You will be missed.”
– Larry G.

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