Scott Thorstensen


Scott Thorstensen has been a coach with Market Rebellion for 5 years and has enjoyed every minute. Build strong personal relationships with his students is his strong suite.

Past Experience

Scott developed a passion for technical analysis early in his career.

While he gained experience working for some of the biggest brokerage firms managing diversified client portfolios, his moonlight passion was trading options. He soon transitioned to investment education, teaching regular classes ranging from basic to advanced option trading strategies, as well as portfolio management.

Education & Certifications

Scott earned his Bachelor’s degree from the David Eccles School of Business at the University of Utah.

He has since spent the last 20 years continuing his education and teaching others every angle of the option world and how to trade it.

Personal Interests

In his free time, Scott likes to spend his time in the mountains, skiing in the winter months and cycling during the warmer months.

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