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Candlesticks Course

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Access our 14-part, comprehensive course built to help you master the core concepts of technical analysis. Discover how candlestick charts are constructed, the patterns they reveal, and how they can help you trade.

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Every serious trader must be familiar with the basics of technical analysis–and that starts with learning how to read candlestick charts.

In our Candlesticks Course, we’ll teach you how these chart types are constructed, the patterns they reveal, what they can uncover about where a stock has been, and where it could go. Discover the major candlestick reversal patterns, key continuation patterns, and more!

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Introduction to Candlesticks and Time Frames

Candlestick Bodies and Shadows

Single Candle Signals

Two and Three Candle Patterns

Continuation Patterns

Moving Averages

Heiken-Ashi Candles

How To “Scan” for Candles

Instructors in this Course

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Bill Johnson

Lead Instructor

Leverage over 25 years of trading experience. Lead Instructor Bill Johnson is a renowned trading educator who’s authored 20+ books on markets and finance. Now, he’s helping traders like you through Market Rebellion’s options education curricula.

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