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It IS an Option Masterclass

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Jon and Pete Najarian authored their book, It’s NOT an Option to show you the risks of stock-only investing and the power of options. Now, learn how to put their favorite strategies into action with this bundle that includes hours of training and live Q&A sessions.

What's inside this course?

Jon and Pete Najarian authored their new book, It’s NOT an Option to unveil the risks of stock-only investing—and where you could be going wrong with your trades.

Now, you can arm yourself with our suite of tools, services, and support designed to help you learn how to apply the power of options in your trading!

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Access to Option Trading Video Series
  1. Welcome to Trading
  2. Stock Investing
  3. Option Basics & Terminology
  4. Profit & Loss Diagrams
  5. Option Greeks
  6. Option Pricing Model
  7. Choosing a Broker for Options
  8. Option Chains
  9. Candlesticks Basics
  10. Technical Analysis
  11. Rolling Options
  12. Understanding Risk Graphs
  13. Intrinsic and Extrinsic Value
  14. Covered Calls
  15. Vertical Spreads
  16. Straddles/Strangles
  17. Managing Risk

12+ Hours of On-demand Training

  • Taught by Market Rebellion’s top instructors
  • Jam-packed with expert trading knowledge

Weekly Q&A Session with Lead Educator Bill Johnson

  • See how we analyze markets with the latest technical signals
  • Get your questions answered LIVE
  • Learn from the questions of others
  • Hosted by our Head of Options Education Bill Johnson

Tax Strategies for Investors & Traders

This special introductory training provides you with the critical information you need to make informed decisions about the way you invest, how to strategically reduce your tax liability, how to protect your wealth and leave a legacy to those you love.

Instructors in this Course

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Greg McDermott

Options Analyst

Analyst Greg McDermott is a veteran options trader with three decades of experience as a floor trader. He’s also an experienced financial educator who has taught college-level courses in derivatives, markets and institutions, and international financial management.

Bill Johnson

Lead Instructor

Lead Instructor Bill Johnson is a renowned trading educator with over two decades of experience. He’s authored 20+ books on markets and finance. Now, he’s helping traders like you through Market Rebellion’s options education curricula.

Stuart Dorfman


Trading Coach Stuart Dorfman spent nearly two decades on the floor of the Philadelphia Stock Exchange (PHLX). He’s served on various exchange committees through the years and continues to teach and educate those interested in boosting their trading skills.

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