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Options Strategy

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Options give you endless possibilities to trade. This course teaches you 11 of the most important strategies you need to know. Plus, how to apply them like the pros!

What's inside this course?

Strap in as legendary trading instructor Ron Ianieri takes you through the most critical options strategies you need to know. Discover pro-level premium collection techniques, dynamic option spreads, and more. Plus, learn how to apply them with straightforward examples!

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Stock Replacement

Covered Calls

Diagonal Spreads

Protective Puts


Vertical Spreads

Time Spreads

Straddles & Strangles



Instructors in this Course

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Ron Ianieri

Co-Founder Emeritus

Ron Ianieri was known as one of the industry’s leading options educators and mentors, establishing a reputation for cutting-edge training before his sudden passing in 2019. No one made options as easy-to-understand as Ron. Now, you can learn from his lasting legacy with these evergreen courses.

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