How Bitcoin is Changing the World

What is money? It’s a question that many of us don’t stop to think and ask. Most of us, for most of our lives, have no concrete understanding of how our monetary systems actually work–we all just take each transaction for granted–trading value, services and goods for dollars and cents.

But how does it all work? Why is it we do business and transact the way that we do?

Imagine a world where money is a decentralized, programmable computer protocol. No central banks, no focal points of control–a border-less transfer of value that is secure, liquid and lightning-fast. Sounds idealistic, right? That future may be coming sooner than you think…

In this video, widely-notarized and quoted Bitcoin evangelist Andreas Antonopoulos not only provides a brief overview of what Bitcoin actually is, but also how it will influence and change nearly every aspect of our lives. Andreas talks about how  in this new world, Bitcoin is the “first-mover” in what is being called the”internet of money,” and he says it will revolutionize the internet itself!

Andreas provides a great starting point for those of you who are completely new to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies and want to understand the potential behind this amazing technology.

**DISCLAIMER** Andreas Antonopoulos is not affiliated with Investitute, LLC.

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