Today’s Top Crypto News – Friday 7/22/22

Three Arrows Capital Founders Break Their Silence, Look to Move to Dubai- CoinDesk

“The beleaguered duo discussed how one of the most successful crypto funds went from being a prominent trading desk to owing creditors $2.8 billion.”

3AC founders reveal ties to Terra founder, blame overconfidence for collapse – CoinTelegraph

“Su Zhu revealed the 3AC team had close ties to Terra co-founder Do Kwon, which made them overlook several red flags with the project that eventually led to a multi-million dollar loss for the hedge fund.”

Bitcoin Rises. How Tech Earnings Could Threaten This Rally – Barron’s

“Bitcoin and other digital assets were higher on Friday, but action in the stock market was set to shake up sentiment for risk-sensitive assets, threatening to sweep the legs out from under the recent crypto rally.”

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