Bitcoin Second Most Popular Keyword on Google in 2017

For those of us that have been captivated by cryptocurrencies we’re not shocked that the world’s most widely utilized search engine, says bitcoin has been the second most popular keyword on its platform throughout 2017!

I believe two significant drivers for the searches are the meteoric rise of cryptos in 2017 along with the associated press from launches of listed futures on CBOE, CME and Nasdaq. The CME launches its five coin futures Sunday December 17th, one week after the CBOE launched its single coin futures. 

The leverage on the US futures exchanges is minute compared with the up to 100:1 leverage offered via the over 400 OTC exchanges. However, investors seeking deeper capitalization, safety and stability will be drawn to the CME’s Globex platform & clearing or the CBOE’s future’s cleared through Options Clearing Comurporation (OCC). 

As great as 2017 has been for owners of cryptocurrencies, 2018 holds much promise, as the massive Google searches are likely to herald a new rush of participants to what has been the most exciting trading vehicle since S&P 500 futures were launched 34 years ago.