Big Paper in All Indicies But Focus is on Big Caps

QQQ at $160.35

They’re buying Jan 160, 160.50, 161, 162, 163 calls.
Normally we see 2:1 Puts to calls, but today its just 1.4:1
Normal call activity for full session avg is 30K. Already past 40K less than 2 hours into session.
Jan 245 calls and 250 calls bought HARD with shares of the ETF $250.09
Only average trade thus far, focus more on big caps I guess
With IWM at $154.47 they’re buying 154, 155, 157 and 161 calls in a big way.
Full value S&P 500 has big volume
Jan 2700s, Feb 2725s, and March 2725s