Najarian Brothers See Unusual Option Activity in $DB, $CLF & MU

On today’s CNBC Halftime Report, Jon and Pete Najarian are seeing unusual option activity in DB and CLF. Also, the brothers updated us on MU.

Pete Najarian was seeing activity in DB, a name that we haven’t seen any activity in lately. Today, a trader bought the November $16 calls, which were in-the-money. Pete likes the trade and is in it for 6 weeks.

Jon Najarian was seeing activity in CFL, where traders were buying the $7, $7.5 weekly calls, as well as the $8 calls in November. Jon will hold these for 5 days to 2 weeks.

Jon Najarian also updated us on MU, where we have seen repeated unusual option activity in the last few months. On August 16th, traders were buying September $33 calls for around $.10. Now, these same calls are trading over $4, and these traders have been consistently right in this name.