Najarian Brothers See Unusual Option Activity in $SNAP, $AABA, $JD & $GLW

On today’s CNBC Halftime Report, Jon and Pete Najarian are seeing unusual option activity in $SNAP, $AABA, $JD & $GLW.

Pete is seeing activity in AABA, where traders were buying 25,000 December $80 calls for $.55. Pete is in these for 3-4 weeks. Also, Pete wanted to update everyone on JD activity from last week, where those calls have since doubled from $.50 to around $1.

Jon was seeing unusual activity in SNAP, which reports earnings today after the bell. Traders were buying 16,000 of the November $16 calls, for around $.50, which expire this Friday. Jon is in these as an earnings play.

Also, Jon was seeing activity in GLW, where traders were buying the December $32 calls. Jon is in these for a few weeks.