Full Premium Collected in $AMZN

In our Time Bandit Option Iron Condor Service we highlighted Amazon($AMZN)


Amazon (AMZN) sell the Dec 22nd, 2017 Expiration (22DEC17) Expiration 1140-1215 Iron Condor for about $1.40 with stock around $1,173.06

Buy 1130 Put

Sell 1140 Put

Sell 1215 Call

Buy 1225 Call

The stock has been hovering slightly above it’s 20 day Simple Moving average and rallied  within our range for a few days but fell back off to test the 20 day for us to realize full premium collection of about $1.40.

For each 1 lot spread you put on you collected $140.

The Iron Condor option strategy is profitable when the stock sits between the short option strikes.  In this case these strikes were 1,140 and 1,215.


Iron Condor AMZN