Iron Condor Option Traders realize Full Profit in $PCLN

In our Time Bandit Option Service we covered trading the Iron Condor Option Strategy in Priceline ($PCLN).

This option trading strategy realizes full profit when the stock, at expiration, closes between the two short strikes.

Priceline (PCLN) sell the Dec 22nd, 2017 Expiration (22DEC17) 1722.5-1812.5 Iron Condor for ~$1.45 with stock around $1,762.75

Buy the 1712.5 Put

Sell the 1722.5 Put

Sell the 1812.5 Call

Buy the 1822.5 Call

Stock was trading nicely within range.  We had both the 50 and 100 day moving lower.  The 20 day simple moving average was moving sideways and the stock started to gain some positive momentum , but the Nasdaq started to trade sideways so Priceline played nicely within our range.  It never tested either of our short strikes.  We were able to capture 100% of the premium collected of about $1.45.

iron Condor