Successful Iron Condor Trade in $AMZN

On Dec. 7th we discussed selling the Amazon (AMZN) sell the Dec 15th, 2017 Expiration (15DEC17) Expiration 1122.5-1200 Iron Condor for about $1.8 with stock around $1,157.40.

The Iron Condor option strategy has four strikes…this AMZN spread has the following strikes:

Buy 1112.5 Put

Sell 1122.5 Put

Sell 1200 Call

Buy 1210 Call

As you can see from the chart below, that the stock stayed within the short option strikes to realize 100% of the premium collection of $1.80 for each Iron Condor Option Spread that you put on.  That would mean $180 for each option.