Time Bandit Option Traders Collect Premium in $PCLN

On 12-7-17 the Time Bandit Option Trading Newsletter service weekly webinar we discussed selling the Priceline (PCLN) the Dec 15th, 2017 Expiration (15DEC17) 1665-1775 Iron Condor for ~$1.70 with stock around $1,714.93

The short option strikes that were selected for this Iron Condor were:

Buy the 1655 Put

Sell the 1665 Put

Sell the 1775 Call

Buy the 1785 Call

$PCLN made a nice run to expiration and even tested our short call strike of 1,775.  Stock price made a high on expiration day of $1,775.73 but ended up having a big selloff to close at $1,760.00.  This allowed our subscribers to collect the full profit of $1.70 for each Iron Condor Option Spread that they put on.


We had some subscribers who could not get in on the above IC, so in a Monday Trade update we suggested the 1682.5-1767.5 IC for about $1.90.

This gave a little more stress on expiration as the stock rallied to $1,775.73 but close well within the Iron Condor strikes to collect the full premium in even less time!