Traders Bank 100% in $TSLA

In our Time Bandit Option Service we covered trading the Iron Condor Option Strategy in Tesla ($TSLA).

This option trading strategy realizes full profit when the stock, at expiration, closes between the two short strikes.

Tesla (TSLA) sell the Jan 19th, 2018 Expiration (19JAN18) 325-360 Iron Condor for ~$1.50 with stock around $342.40

Buy the 315 Put

Sell the 325 Put

Sell the 360 Call

Buy the 370 Call

We put this Iron Condor Strategy on as the stock was breaking above the 100 and 200 day simple moving averages.  We gave it a little more room to the upside that was married with good resistance points.  Our Downside was protected with almost all of the moving averages above our short call strike except for the 50 day that was trading at $322.35.  We were able to collect $150 for each Iron Condor that was put on.