Infographic: Best & Worst Presidents Ranked by Stock Returns — #3 is Shocking

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Justin Nugent

This article was last updated on 11/11/2022.

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No clickbait here — As of Election Day, 2022, Joe Biden is the third worst performing president according to stock market returns (ranked by the S&P 500) in all of modern history. You have to go all the way back to the Great Depression to find a president whose stock market returns were worse than Joe Biden’s.

We know, before you say it, you can’t put all of the stock market’s price action on the shoulders of any one president — but let’s be honest. If you’re the most powerful man in all of America, and your job is to ensure the financial and economic stability of businesses and households, your decisions, policies, and even your words have a massive impact on the market.

Don’t believe us? Look at what happened to the energy industry when a sitting president said he wanted to “eliminate fossil fuels” — and then took several steps to diminish its supply.

SPOILER: Energy experienced a “rip your face off” rally from the day he got elected

SPOILER #2: That was also Joe Biden.

One more thing, before you say it: This isn’t a partisan take at all. As you’re about to see, the top 2 performing presidents were Democrats, and two of the presidents who performed worse than Joe Biden were Republicans! Still, #3 on the best performing section will likely generate some controversy as well.

So if you’re offended, if you disagree with something in this list, or if you have something to say: Sound off inside the corresponding Twitter thread. There’s already a healthy debate going on about whether president #3 really deserves to be on the list. But facts are facts, and that’s all we can say.

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Okay, no more build up:

Best and Worst Stock Market Performance By President

Like we said, if you disagree with this list, that’s okay. Biden still has plenty of time to cover the lost ground. Give us your thoughts in the thread below. ⬇️

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