RebelCon Recap: Inside Market Rebellion’s 2022 Trading Bootcamp

Chris Bishop

This article was last updated on 09/29/2022.

Jon and Pete Najarian RebelCon

Market Rebels from across the nation descended upon Dallas, TX for a LIVE-trading experience unlike anything the world of finance has ever seen. RebelCon 2022 proved to be a strategy-packed conference led by Jon and Pete Najarian — featuring expert market strategists, technicians, and educators.

And with a star-studded lineup of special guests like Tom Lee, Bryn Talkington, Brian Sullivan, Mark Newton, and Jordan Fried lining the marquee, you had a chance to learn directly from some of the top minds in the market.

If you missed out on the action, don’t sweat it! We’re here to recap some of our favorite moments and give you a chance to check them out for yourself. After all – just because you couldn’t make it to Dallas, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the recordings!

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Jon & Pete Najarian Keynotes

As you might expect, Market Rebellion’s Co-founders Jon and Pete Najarian held nothing back at RebelCon 2022. The ponytail duo captivated attendees with their no-nonsense takes on the most pressing issues facing today’s markets.

Above all, the brothers preached discipline. Jon opened their joint keynote by saying:

“What we try to impart to you guys is that discipline dictates action. You need to keep your discipline on profit taking AND cutting losses. If you’re trading this market we’re in right now, you need to maintain a high level of discipline.”

During his Day 1 keynote, Jon Najarian laid all the cards out on the table. He unveiled some very unusual option activity that coincided with some interesting energy trends, and explained specifics behind how he’s trading them.

Pete Najarian took the stage on Day 2 to discuss the energy trade with CNBC’s Brian Sullivan. On the panel, he describes what goes through his mind as he’s trading against some of the most powerful entities on Wall Street, the “smart money”.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Watch Jon and Pete Najarian talk trading strategy from RebelCon 2022 here.

Jon Najarian (left) and Pete Najarian (right) speak on the main stage at RebelCon 2022.

AJ Monte Keynote: The Best Leading Indicator Is All Around You

Chief Technical Analyst AJ Monte made one thing very clear at RebelCon, he’s NOT a permabear.

“I’m not a permabear. I call tops and bottoms, I’m not always this bearish.”

But AJ went on to explain that right now, however, we’re truly living in unprecedented times. And the BEST leading indicator for markets is literally all around you.

“The best leading indicator you’ll find anywhere is sitting around you right now. It’s the traders and people around you. Talk to people in finance and business, but also everyday folks. Ask them: ‘How are you doing? No.. really.. How ARE you doing?’. You’ll build a certain level of trust. And you’ll get real-life insights that can change how you view the markets.”

Of course, AJ’s absolutely right. Sometimes as traders, we need to take a step back from the charts and analyze the environment around us. We need to look beyond the same old beaten-down talking points batted around on FinTV.

“I live in a rural area. And I talk to farmers who rely on the hay they buy from Tractor Supply for their livestock. And guess what? There’s a hay shortage. They’re also short a milk supplier. There are continued supply chain issues and food shortages across the board. And we’re already at a critical precipice when it comes to geopolitical tensions with Russia and China.”

AJ then highlighted the increasing possibilities of war on various fronts. From the pre-election political war here in the United States, to the information war on media platforms, and the ongoing concerns of potential global war abroad. 

So, while AJ Monte may not be a permabear, he certainly gave RebelCon attendees plenty of explanations for the recent bearish action across markets. But more importantly, he went on to give viewers real-time technical analysis, updated stock targets, and specific strategies they could use to navigate the uncertainty.

Get AJ Monte’s latest market analysis and discover how he’s trading it. Gain access to the RebelCon 2022 recordings now!

Chief Technical Analyst AJ Monte delivers his keynote speech at RebelCon 2022.

LIVE Trading with Rebel Pit Analysts

One of the absolute coolest aspects of RebelCon was the LIVE trading. In-person attendees were treated to small-group sessions hosted by analysts from our Rebel Pit and Unusual Option Activity services. 

But Ryan Mastro, Greg McDermott, and Wayne Razzi brought that same Pit energy to the main stage on Day 1 — giving virtual attendees a taste of the action with live-market momentum trading.

Donning an old pit jacket from his days on the floor of the Philadelphia Stock Exchange (PHLX), Options Analyst Greg McDermott seized control of the charts as Chief Options Strategist Ryan Mastro stood to point out exactly what he looks for when it comes to technical setups. They gave viewers a glimpse at how they apply specific options strategies at those key technical levels to try and ride daily momentum waves.

Ryan pulled back the curtain further to give us a look at how a professional Chartered Market Technician trades momentum. From his premarket routine of hunting down stocks with an elevated average true range (ATR) and comparing them against market internals, to the technical patterns he looks to exploit, and the why behind the option contracts he chooses.

With stocks dropping in real time to test mid-summer lows amid the latest Fed meeting, it was the PERFECT market condition to get inside the mind of a former market maker.

Watch these RebelCon highlights and discover the pro-level tactics our traders use to ride momentum waves every day.

Chief Options Strategist Ryan Mastro (left) and Options Analyst Greg McDermott (right) trade live on stage at RebelCon 2022.

Highlights from RebelCon’s Special Guests

Along with insights from our in-house team of analysts and trading educators, we were thrilled to host a stacked lineup of expert guests. From money managers and pro traders, to discipline experts from outside the world of trading — we covered it all at RebelCon 2022.

Discipline Dictates Action

Market Rebellion Co-founder and CEO Dirk Mueller-Ingrand joined Jon and Pete on stage with two experts in the field of discipline: Navy SEAL Veteran and Trident1 CEO Jake Newbold AND AlphaPrimeRacing team owner and NASCAR driver Tommy Joe Martins.

Watch the replay and get an inside look at two of the most impressive individuals at RebelCon. See how their professional experiences translate to the world of trading — especially when it comes to the #1 quality Jon and Pete press traders on the most: DISCIPLINE.

The Energy Trade with Brian Sullivan 

Markets may be ice cold – but the energy trade is just starting to heat up.

CNBC host and energy expert Brian Sullivan made one thing abundantly clear at RebelCon: energy is not just part of the economy, energy IS the economy. 

And with energy in focus as global tensions and supply chain issues ramp up, there’s no better time than right now for Sully’s take.

Hunting for Opportunity with Bryn Talkington

Bryn Talkington is the Managing Partner of Requisite Capital Management. And she knows a thing or two about money-management and trading.

Bryn gave viewers her take on growth vs. value, the opportunities in energy, and the 8th Wonder of the World: Quantitative Easing.

And with the Fed and sky-high inflation front and center at this conference, she hit every nail right on the head with her timely analysis — schooling attendees on what to look for in markets moving forward.

Tom Lee Analyzes Inflation and the Future For Markets

In true Fundstrat fashion, Managing Partner and Head of Research Tom Lee gave us a crystal-clear outlook for markets. 

In his keynote, Tom talked about the #1 thing affecting stocks the most this year: the war on inflation. He broke it all down with an unconventional perspective that tied in historical examples that, as he says, might be foreshadowing the Fed’s next move.

Check out the replays and find out why Tom Lee maintains his bullish long-term stance, and how automation and technology could lead to a boost for American jobs in the future.

Watch the RebelCon 2022 Replays Now

These highlights are only scratching the surface of all the gems hidden inside these RebelCon 2022 Replays

Crypto analysts Matt Montemayor and CJ Reichel detailed what the charts are saying about the current state of the crypto market. Bill Johnson dropped some serious education that will change the way you think about options. Jordan Fried of Immutable Holdings gave us his take on the future of digital assets. Fundstrat’s Mark Newton talked about technical trading strategies built for today’s action. And so much more!

Click here to access all 15+ hours of professional trading insights from our expert speakers and special guests at RebelCon 2022.

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