The Trump Effect: How Donald Trump NFTs are Shaking up the Crypto Market

The Trump Effect: How Donald Trump NFTs are Shaking up the Crypto Market


Donald Trump’s NFT collection, called Trump Digital Trading Cards, caused a stir in late 2022. The Trump trading cards, which feature designs such as Superman Trump, Astronaut Trump, and Cowboy Trump, were condemned by some as a scam or a desperate money grab. However, despite being widely criticized, the collection sold out in less than a day, with each NFT initially priced at $99. Through, the NFTs were made purchasable not only through Ethereum but also credit cards. The NFTs came with various sweepstakes rewards, including a private dinner, cocktail hours, Zoom sessions, and golf with the former president.

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As celebrities and late-night talk show hosts continued to make fun of the collection, it quickly became a top trending collection on NFT marketplace Opensea. A $1,000 investment in the NFTs, which would have bought 10 Trump Digital Trading Cards, would be worth a minimum of $7040.10 based on the current floor price of 0.44 ETH.

However, some Trump NFTs are selling for much, much more. 

18 Trump NFT’s have sold for at least 10 ETH or more. Source: OpenSea

In one instance, a buyer purchased an autographed black and white Trump NFT for 37 ETH. That equates to $59,460 based on the current ETH price of $1,608. 

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While the NFTs have fallen from their peak of around 0.84 ETH, the investment is still up more than 600% since the minting went live. The NFTs were up 477.1% after two days, and at their peak, they were up around 1,000%. Despite three months passing since the minting, the collection has held above the mint price and continued to see demand from fans, collectors, and investors.

With Trump running for president in the 2024 election, the NFTs could continue to attract attention during the campaign trail. Whether the NFTs will hold their value over time remains to be seen.

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