Twitter Rebranded to X: Here’s what’s New on X Twitter

Twitter Rebranded to X: Here’s what’s New on X Twitter


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Don’t call me Twitter: it’s X now. In a surprising move, Elon Musk, renowned for his ventures with Tesla and SpaceX, has orchestrated a major overhaul for Twitter, leaving traders and tech enthusiasts eager to digest the news. The iconic blue bird logo that Twitter users have grown accustomed to is now a thing of the past as the platform ushers in a new era with the sleek “X” logo.

The striking white “X” emblazoned against a black background now graces the desktop version of the social media giant, signaling Musk’s latest attempt to transform Twitter. Although the mobile app is yet to adopt the new branding, anticipation is mounting to see what new changes Musk will bring to the platform.

What’s Changing as Twitter Turns to X

  • Tweets are now calls X’s
  • “Larry” the bird, a tribute to Boston Celtics’ star Larry Bird, is no more — all logos will be swapped to X’s.
  • Twitter Notes have been renamed to “articles,” which Musk said, “will allow users to post very long, complex articles with mixed media. You could publish a book if you want.”
  • Musk plans to make X a “superapp” akin to WeChat, PayTM, and GoJek, a phenomenon which has taken hold in the Eastern hemisphere.
    • “Superapps” attempt to cross the boundary between social media, payment app, and shopping center.
  • X will continue to roll out Twitter’s most recent changes which include:
    • Sharing ad revenue with Twitter’s top content creators
    • New DM settings allowing users to filter messages received by accounts you don’t follow to the “message request” folder
    • Limits on the total number of Tweets (now called X’s) that users can view per day. (500 for new accounts, 1,000 older accounts, and 10,000 for verified accounts.)
  • While these changes are all as of right now, Musk has teased that there is more to come as he attempts to breathe new life into one of the internet’s “town square.”


Musk is adding a pinch of innovation by rechristening “Tweets” as “x’s” on the revamped platform. The seasoned entrepreneur has long been teasing his vision for a “super app” named X, aiming to “redefine the landscape of social media.” While details have been kept under wraps, it’s apparent that Musk and new CEO Linda Yaccarino have been working on this change for some time.

In a symbolic move, Musk himself replaced his Twitter profile picture with the tantalizing new logo and appended “” to his bio. This bold move reflects his commitment to the transformation underway. Market analysts are closely monitoring the developments, recognizing the potential impact on Twitter/X’s global town square and how communication dynamics may be changed by X.

Concerns about Twitter’s Rebrand to X

Despite the excitement surrounding the rebrand, some Twitter analysts and business commentators like Justin Urquhart have claimed that X’s audience may find themselves nostalgic for the familiar blue bird. However, as traffic on Meta’s competing app Threads continues to diminish following its breakout launch, some have made a counter claim that users will be forced to accept the changes, considering Twitter/X is still the most dominant site of its kind by a large margin.

Beyond aesthetics and market sentiment, security concerns have been raised due to the rapid rebranding. Cyber experts caution that phishing attempts may surge, as malevolent actors may exploit the transition to trick users into divulging sensitive information.

Wrapping Up: X

Curiously, Musk’s infatuation with the letter “X” dates back to his earlier ventures. Notably, in 1999, he launched the online banking platform, which proved to be a resounding success and eventually merged with PayPal, netting Musk a significant windfall. Musk went on to famously launch SpaceX in 2002. Musk’s recent AI startup, xAI, further highlights his affinity for the enigmatic letter. Musk has even named one of his children X (X Æ A-12 Musk). And of course, there’s also the Tesla Model X — Tesla’s luxury SUV with a base cost of 98,400.

The Twitter/X rebranding saga is an unfolding story worth monitoring, and these changes are likely only the first of many to take hold. One thing is for sure: While Musk may have stepped down as Twitter’s CEO, he’s clearly still in the driver’s seat, as he attempts to craft the version of Twitter he acquired into something that truly represents his vision.

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