Refer Friends, Earn $25

Invite your friends to join Market Rebellion Crypto and earn $25 when they subscribe using your referral link. Plus they’ll get $25 off their first month’s membership!

How it Works

Use the desktop Crypto Room or Market Rebellion app to get your invite link and share it with your friends.
Once your friends receive the invite, they must use the link to subscribe to Market Rebellion Crypto.
You’ll get $25 via PayPal for each friend who purchases an annual subscription or renews a monthly subscription using your invite. Your friend will get $25 off their subscription.

How it Works

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Last Updated: September 25, 2021

Last Updated: September 25, 2021


  1. Acceptance of Terms

Please read these Terms carefully. These Referral Program Terms and Conditions (the “Referral Terms”) govern Your participation in the referral program (the “Program”) being conducted by Market Rebellion LLC, its business units, subsidiaries and/or affiliates (together, “Market Rebellion,” “we,” “our,” or “us”). By participating in the Program, you agree to be bound by the Referral Terms. As a current paying subscriber of Market Rebellion, you have already agreed to be bound to our Terms of Use and have acknowledged our Privacy Policy, both of which are incorporated herein by reference. In the event of any conflict between these Referral Terms and the Terms of Use, the Terms of Use shall control. Any capitalized terms used in these Referral Terms and not otherwise defined shall have the meanings set forth in the Terms of Use.

  1. Program Overview

Through the Program, individuals who refer their friends to Market Rebellion (“Referrers”) may earn rewards (a “Reward”), to be sent to you via PayPal, for completing listed rewards-eligible actions (collectively, the “Rewards Action”), as defined from time to time by Market Rebellion, in its sole discretion, and published as part of its Program. The Reward amount for Referrers will be defined in US Dollars. The Rewards Action will be coupled with a related Reward amount, and together they will comprise a particular rewards offer (“Rewards Offer”). Referrers may be required to affirmatively accept each Rewards Offer by the means made available and communicated by Market Rebellion for each Rewards Offer. Referrers must complete the Rewards Action after being presented with the Rewards Offer, and accepting said offer, if necessary, in order to receive the Reward. Market Rebellion will create and maintain a system and method for tracking which Rewards Offer relates to you, whether you have affirmatively accepted each Rewards Offer, if required, and when you complete a Rewards Action.

Market Rebellion currently contemplates, but is not limited nor bound to, creating Rewards Offers for the following Rewards Action as part of its Program:

2.1. Become or continue to be a paying Market Rebellion Crypto subscriber, and

2.2. Refer a friend who also becomes a paying Market Rebellion Crypto subscriber with the unique referral link that you provide.

2.3 Your friend who subscribes must subscribe for an annual subscription or renew a referred monthly subscription to Market Rebellion Crypto (“Eligible Subscription”). If your friend is a current Market Rebellion Crypto subscriber or subscribes for a one-week trial, the subscription will not qualify as an Eligible Subscription.

2.4 Thirty days passes from your friend’s Eligible Subscription if it is an annual subscription or your friend’s referred monthly subscription renews.

You understand and agree that in order to be eligible to receive the Reward, you must be a resident of the United States or other location in which Market Rebellion operates and be a paying Market Rebellion Crypto subscriber. You further understand that referral attempts who do not use the referral link mechanism will result in you not qualifying for the Reward.

  1. Pending Rewards; Payment

Upon completing the Rewards Action (and affirmatively accepting a Rewards Offer, if required), you will receive the Reward via PayPal using the email address provided to Market Rebellion. Market Rebellion agrees to pay the applicable Reward by transmitting it to your PayPal account within 30 days of you completing the Rewards Action. The Reward is non-negotiable and non-exchangeable. You acknowledge and agree that if you refer a friend who does not become a Market Rebellion Crypto subscriber, you are not eligible to collect any “pending” Reward, and Market Rebellion shall not owe you any amounts for an incomplete Rewards Action.

You acknowledge and agree that you are solely responsible for all taxes arising from receipt, acceptance or use of the Reward (including sales, income and property tax, if applicable). You further acknowledge and agree that you may be required to complete an IRS Form W-9, which requires disclosure of your social security number, and an IRS Form 1099 reflecting the total value of your Rewards may be issued to you as required by law.

  1. Friend Discount

For friends that subscribe to Market Rebellion Crypto using a refer-a-friend link, all such referred friends will be eligible for one $25 discount off Eligible Subscriptions. Discounts will not apply to initial monthly subscriptions or renewals of a monthly subscription following a one-week trial, only renewals of a referred monthly subscription. This discount may not be transferred into any other offer, has no monetary value that may be redeemed, and cannot be used in combination with any other promotion unless expressly stated. The terms of this discount are subject to change at any time without notice.

  1. Certain Limits

Market Rebellion provides you with tools to share various codes and links related to the Rewards Action that involve referrals. ANY COMMUNICATIONS THAT YOU DO MAKE IN CONNECTION WITH REFERRALS MUST BE HONEST AND ACCURATE AND DISCLOSE THAT YOU MAY RECEIVE A REWARD. By participating in the Program, you agree to the following:

  • Referral links will be shared online in any way that does not involve paid advertising or unauthorized use of Market Rebellion’s brand or intellectual property.
  • You will make truthful and accurate statements in connection with any referrals and can be held liable for any false or misleading statements you make.
  • Any emails that you send under the Program will comply with federal CAN-SPAM Act requirements and all applicable laws, regulations, and guidelines. Information about the CAN-SPAM Act is available at
  • You agree that you will not send chain emails, mass emails, or mass solicitations, including not sending more than 25 email referral invitations in a 24-hour period.
  • You may not collect or request personal information from referrals.
  • If a referred friend is included on a Market Rebellion opt-out list or has used another person’s referral link, you will not contact that individual.

You are solely responsible for complying with the requirements of this Section 5, and Market Rebellion will not be responsible for your failure to do so. Failure to comply with these requirements will result in immediate termination of your participation in the Program. In addition, you may be responsible for any resulting damages, and you agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Market Rebellion from any claim or action brought against Market Rebellion arising out of your failure to comply with this Section 5.

Rewards may only accrue for users who are natural persons. Each person may only ever earn one Reward for a particular Reward Offer. Market Rebellion reserves the right to refuse payment of Rewards if (i) Market Rebellion believes, in good faith, that a user has committed fraud, that a Rewards Action is not legitimate, or that a user is not a current paying subscriber to Market Rebellion Crypto or has taken some action to justify terminating your subscription; or (ii) an applicable legal authority determines that the Program violates any statute, regulation or other legal requirement.

You understand that Market Rebellion reserves the right to change or modify these Rewards Terms, at Market Rebellion’s sole discretion. Without limitation, Market Rebellion may terminate the Program at any time; provided that, unless the Program is terminated due to the requirements of an applicable legal authority, Market Rebellion will honor any pending Rewards properly credited to you prior to the termination of the Program.

You understand that these Rewards Terms may be amended by Market Rebellion, with revised terms posted on the Website, emailed to you, or by any other means that Market Rebellion may choose to adopt in the future. The method of notification for any changes to these Rewards Terms shall be at Market Rebellion’s sole discretion. All changes and modifications will be effective immediately upon posting or sending such notification to you via electronic means. You understand that your continued participation in the Program constitutes an act of acceptance with respect to any such changes or modifications that Market Rebellion may make. If you do not agree to the changed terms, you should stop participating in the Program.

  1. Independent Contractor Relationship

You acknowledge and agree that nothing herein authorizes you to act on behalf of Market Rebellion and that nothing herein shall be construed to constitute or imply a joint venture, employer-employee relationship, partnership or association between you and Market Rebellion.