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November CPI Results: 7.1% vs 7.3% Expected: Market Pops

JPMorgan and Tom Lee say buckle up — the November CPI is going to take us 10% higher. Morgan Stanley analyst Mike Wilson thinks its time to fade the rally and brace for double digit declines early next year — due in part to faltering earnings. But who’s right? This week may hold the key.

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Trading Insights

October Payrolls Are In & Unemployment is Rising — What it Means

US Payrolls are in, unemployment AND wages are both higher than expected, and markets are… not sure how they feel about it. Higher unemployment means the Fed is closer to realizing its goal of a “softer” labor market — but with wages continuing to rise, battling the problem of wage-flation could become a drawn out affair. A Fed that wants higher unemployment and lower wages may sound awful, but they believe they’re doing the right thing. Read on to discover their reasoning.

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