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Buckle Up: What Alphabet Earnings Tell Us About Meta

When we published this article on the morning of 10/26, META was trading at $131.74. We wrote about how Meta was likely to plunge on earnings, and highlighted one way that traders could use 2DTE put options to capitalize on the upcoming bearish price action. 10 hours later, the stock had fallen more than 20% to $104.30, wiping out 6 years of gains.

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Options News

$FIT bulls score again

Option traders posted exponential gains today on two bullish positions opened in Fitbit (FIT) earlier this week. On Oct. 28, Market Rebellion’s tracking systems detected

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Options News

$XLC bulls score a huge win

Bullish traders made out-sized gains today on upside option positions opened at the beginning of the week in the SPDR Communication Fund (XLC). On Monday,

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