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how to pick an options expiration
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How to Pick an Options Expiration – Video Lesson by Bill Johnson

Do you know how option expiration dates impact option prices? It’s not a complex equation, but it’s more than just “2X the time = 2X the price.” Knowing how option expiration dates impact option prices could help save you money, and power-up your trades. Watch the video or read on to discover how to pick an options expiration.

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tsla, twitter, twitter buyout, Elon Musk buyout, Elon, musk, twitter 54.20, musk twitter poll
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UOA Following Musk-TWTR Calls for 50% Downside in TSLA

Awkward: Buying TWTR after complaining about it for months.

Scoop: Elon Musk has agreed to take the original TWTR deal to buyout the company for $54.20 per share. Some option buyers are predicting this could be the beginning of a massive plunge in Tesla shares.

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