Today’s Top Crypto News, Friday September 16th

Today’s Top Crypto News, Friday September 16th

Biden’s Executive Order Produces Few Answers in Crypto Reports From US Treasury – CoinDesk

After six months, the federal government’s review of the crypto world hasn’t yet offered a road map for oversight, though it hinted at a federal regulatory structure and emphasized that a central bank digital currency may have serious support.

Bitcoin exchange inflows see biggest one-day spike since March 2020 – CoinTelegraph

236,000 BTC enters trading platforms in a single day amid what one commentator calls “unusual” exchange flows.

“Laliga, the Spanish soccer first division organization, has established a strategic partnership with Stadioplus and Vegas City Limited, two metaverse-related companies, to digitize part of its activities to offer new experiences in Decentraland, an Ethereum-based metaverse. With this move, Laliga aims to bring new fans from all over the world to new experiences in virtual worlds.”

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