Today’s Top Crypto News, Monday September 19th

Today’s Top Crypto News, Monday September 19th

Binance’s Attempt to Buy Voyager Digital’s Assets Complicated by National Security Concern– CoinDesk

A Binance spokesman said “xenophobia” is underlying talk of a possible review by a key U.S. government panel that examines foreign takeovers.

Binance Bungles Accounting for Helium Tokens, Overpays Clients Millions – CoinDesk

236,000 BTC enters trading platforms in a single day amid what one commentator calls “unusual” exchange flows.

Solitaire, Counter-Strike, Snake: How casual gaming could be a ‘huge’ Bitcoin on-ramp – CoinTelegraph

“Gaming companies Zebedee and Thndr are taking advantage of the Lighting Network, atop Bitcoin, to entertain and onboard gamers into Bitcoin.”

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