Today’s Top Crypto News – Thursday 9/1/22

Crypto Lender Celsius Faces Another Group of Customers Who Want Their Money Back – CoinDesk

“More than 60 of Celsius’ custodial-account holders petitioned a bankruptcy court to force the crypto lender to send them their funds back outside of the proceedings.”

The Bitcoin crash has wiped out over $1.3 billion in value from Michael Saylor’s Bitcoin holdings. Now he’s being sued for tax fraud – Fortune

“Bitcoin evangelist Michael Saylor has become a star in the cryptocurrency world by using his business intelligence firm, MicroStrategy, to buy billions of dollars of Bitcoin since 2020.”

Kyle Roche files to withdraw from class-action practice after video leak – CoinTelegraph

“According to a series of court records released on Aug. 31, Roche is understood to be “no longer involved” in Roche Freedman’s class action practice.”

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