Today’s Top Crypto News, Thursday January 5th

Today’s Top Crypto News, Thursday January 5th


Today’s Top Crypto News, Thursday January 5th

MicroStrategy Sticks With Long-Term Bitcoin Strategy But Uses Short-Term Sale For Tax Benefit– Forbes

MicroStrategy, the business-software company that has a thing for bitcoin still loves the cryptocurrency even though it sold some for tax purposes last month, employing a tactic that could help other long-term fans ease the pain from the asset’s months-long slide.”

Silvergate Shares Plunge 46% as Crypto Bank Cuts 200 Jobs– CoinDesk

The company also said it is writing off its investment in former Facebook stablecoin project Diem.

Three Arrows Capital founders subpoenaed on Twitter–CoinTelegraph

“3AC founders Zhu Su and Kyle Davies have been ordered to provide all documents in their possession or control, regardless of whether the information is held by them directly, or is in control of a third-party.”

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