Today’s Top Crypto News, Thursday October 20th

Today’s Top Crypto News, Thursday October 20th

Stablecoins Could ‘Fundamentally Alter’ Banking System, Says US FDIC Chief – CoinDesk

Acting FDIC head Martin Gruenberg argues that stablecoins need to mesh with regulated banking, as well as the Fed’s real-time payments system and any future U.S. CBDC.

Capitulation or profit-taking? Bitcoin whale moves 32K BTC dormant since 2018 – CoinTelegraph

What is “usually” an OTC transaction signals change is afoot among 2018 bear market buyers, says Whalemap.

Customers battle to regain billions in bitcoin the DOJ recovered in its largest seizure of stolen crypto – CNBC

“When the Justice Department announced it seized billions in stolen cryptocurrency earlier this year, it seemed like great news for victims of a hack that drained around $70 million from customers’ accounts on the Bitfinex trading platform in 2016.”

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