ARIA – Last week’s call buyers may have some ‘splaining to do

Today, ARIA to be acquired by Takeda for $24/Shr in cash ($5.2B) that’s a staggering 73% increase. However, there was MASSIVE buying at the Jan 13 expiry 13 calls as well as the regular January expiry 14 calls.

I have attached our HeatSeeker data on both, and you’ll note with shares trading $24 the 13 calls go from $.40 to $11 minimum and the 14 calls go from $.25 and $.50 to $10. MILLIONS were made on these trades, both of which were made just last week.

You would have to think the SEC will have some young go-getters examining our data and seeing where these trades cleared. The SEC can request of the brokerage firms the name(s) of persons that were the buyers last week, and check how closely they are linked to Takeda, ARIA or the investment banking firms, and or law firms that vetted this deal.

Here we are, just days into 2017 and we’ve already got some really, really fast money jumped the gun on the news! Some things never change!