My Best CEOs For The Dollar – Halftime Report on CNBC Today

My list in this order:

1) Bob Iger – Disney

He gets the nod over Jamie (a personal friend) as he runs one of the most complex media companies on earth and has added value by stitching in Pixar, Marvel and Lucasfilm as well as growing Disney theme parks to the largest market on earth. Hong Kong & Shanghai will be MONSTERS. Shares up 250% plus dividends since March 13 2005 when he took over.

2) Jamie Dimon – JP Morgan

If there is a better banker on the planet, I would be shocked. Weathered 2008 financial meltdown and London Whale, and dealt with Draconian Dodd Frank rules and Basel III to make JPM the envy of the banking world. Shares up 70% plus dividends since he took the helm despite the fact that they legislated half banking business out.

3) Howard Schultz Starbucks

Bought Starbucks for $3.8M in 1986, went IPO June 1992, left SBUX in 2000 and returned in 2008. Shares up 16,333% since IPO, but in 2000 – 2008 shares languished between $5 and $10, with total performance just 61% over those 8 years.
4) Marc Benioff Salesforce

Marc created the end of traditional software with Software as a Service (SAS) model and is THE genius behind the cloud (which is the title of one of his books BTW).
Shares up 1800% since IPO