Someone Rolling the Dice In Gaming Stocks?

Rumors are like, well let me be discreet, like backsides, everyone has one!

Gaming stocks are getting lift as chatter has Icahn taking a stake in WYNN. This and some talk about the gross gaming revenue in Macau bottoming has folks buying a host of gaming names.

WYNN is $11 (12%) higher than its July 15th low of $92,  LVS is up from $46 to $52 (13%) over the same period.

Perhaps that and a lack of exposure to Macau is why BYD is seeing the most aggressive buying today, as it’s “only” moved from  $18.75 to $19.75 (5% move).

I note for you that the August 20 calls quadrupled from last night’s close of $.10 to $.40 today, but I’ll also note that these calls have just 6 trading sessions to live!

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