Twitter activity suggests a takeover isn’t significantly higher

Longer video, upgrades to publishing with lead-ins (TWTR to pay 70% of rev to video generators)
Past three days (End of Aug) it traded nearly 4:1 calls to puts
Shares rallied 5% yesterday alone. Comments by EV helped spike shares thru $20 today, but pulls back $.70.
So far today 8:1 calls to puts. That’s a feeding frenzy.
We’ve cited the regular Sept 20 calls (42,000 open interest), December 20s (45,000 open interest) and January 20 calls (48,000 open interest).
The reason I cited these is they are between 4 and 8 x bigger open interests than other call strikes and where are the speculation has been. Yesterday it was the Jan 20s, today its the Dec 20s.

Someone playing as if they have a script.