$VUZI calls 10 times normal activity

Vuzix (VUZI) designs, manufactures, and sells display devices that are worn like eyeglasses and feature built-in video screens to enable the user to view video and digital content, such as movies, computer data, the Internet or video games. It produces both monocular and binocular Video Eyewear devices.
Our computers did a rolling average of the past three weeks and found VUZI calls averaged 604 contracts per day as shares moved up 15% ($7.61 to $8.51). 
Today our Heat Seeker shows 6062 calls trading in VUZI , or about two full weeks of volume!
VUZI has already integrated their iWear platform into STREAM, the world’s largest online gaming platform with 65 million active players. Many of us view VUZI as an incredible virtual reality play and potential takeout candidate.  Today’s volume, which is heavy in both January and October calls supports our thesis.
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