Ride with the Rebels Newsletter: 10/27

Ride with the Rebels Newsletter: 10/27

Record: 20-27-3 (-0.30U)

We’ve got an NFL double-header coming at you for this weekend! And since it’s almost Halloween, we’re going with a couple spooky picks that offer a great payout.

October 30: NFL- Arizona Cardinals vs Minnesota Vikings

First up, we have the Arizona Cardinals heading to Minnesota for a Week 8 game against the Vikings.

The Vikings are 5-1 and coming off a bye week, while the Cardinals won last Thursday in a shootout against the New Orleans Saints.

Minnesota (-190) is a 3.5-point favorite over Arizona (+160) and for good reason. The Cardinals have had trouble putting points on the board this season and are dealing with injuries to some key players.

However, the Vikings’ record doesn’t tell you their whole story. This is a team that could easily be 3-3 if some things didn’t go their way in a couple games (see: final drive against the Dolphins).

That’s not to say Minnesota isn’t good – they are. But this line seems to be a bit overinflated.

Arizona is slowly getting healthy with starting RB James Connor and K Matt Prater being limited participants at practice Wednesday. They could also get some CB depth back with Darrel Williams and Trayvon Mullen on the field again.

If the Cardinals’ defense can contain Justin Jefferson and Kyler Murray can hold off on playing Modern Warfare 2 for a couple days, we could be looking at a nice 1.6U payout.

Rebel’s Pick: Arizona Cardinals ML (+160) @ 1U

October 30: NFL- Miami Dolphins vs Detroit Lions

Our other spooooky pick for the weekend is the Detroit Lions (+160) over the Miami Dolphins (-190).

Before you delete this email, hear us out.

The Lions aren’t good. We’ll get that out of the way right now. QB Jared Goff has not looked great these past couple weeks, and the defense has more holes than a screen door.

However, they’ve shown they can put up points at home. In three games in Detroit, they’ve scored 35, 36 and 45 points, respectively. That’s more than the Packers will score all season.

Also, Miami hasn’t exactly been world-beaters this year. They barely beat Pittsburgh last week and lost three-straight before that (although Tua was hurt).

Detroit’s offense has been in a rut these past two weeks (0 & 6 points), but they’re heading home, and Dan Campbell needs to get a win as questions begin to swirl about his coaching. Miami’s lackluster secondary is the perfect opportunity to get the attack back on track.

This is going to be a desperate group on Sunday and that’s exactly when a team shows its true colors. It’s put up or shut up time for Detroit and we’re betting they’ll put up.

Rebel’s Pick: Detroit Lions ML (+160) @ 1U

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