Traders Collect 100% of Premium in $PCLN

In our Time Bandit Option Service we covered trading the Iron Condor Option Strategy in Priceline ($PCLN).

This option trading strategy realizes full profit when the stock, at expiration, closes between the two short strikes.

Priceline (PCLN) sell the Jan 19th, 2018 Expiration (19JAN18) 1722.5-1812.5 Iron Condor for ~$1.70 with stock around $1,894

Buy the 1832.5 Put

Sell the 1842.5 Put

Sell the 1950 Call

Buy the 1960 Call

The overall market had been on a pretty bullish run. $PCLN had recently filled the gap, but we knew we need to keep a pretty wide Iron Condor range on this one.  The stock ran to our short strike and tested , but never closed above our short strikes.  We then had a nice pull back with the market selling off a little.  Knowing your support and resistance areas are critical to make this strategy work!  We collected $170 for each option spread that was entered.