October Rally in the Works? S&P 500 Historical Averages Say Yes

October Rally in the Works? S&P 500 Historical Averages Say Yes


Could there be an S&P 500 October rally in the works? According to S&P 500 historical averages – yes. Here are the weekly average win-rates for the S&P 500. Notice – following a typical September drawdown, October often begins a series of “win weeks” – AKA, weeks that experience a positive return.

S&P 500 historical averages

Source: TrendSpider

Over the past 15 years, the first four weeks of October experienced positive closes between 71%-79% of the time. This isn’t the only reason we may be in for an October S&P 500 rally.

Fundstrat analyst Tom Lee sees market strength carrying through the end of the year in a big way.

S&P 500 historical averages

Source: CNBC

Tom Lee gets a lot of flack for the misconception that he’s “always bullish” – but he’s had an incredible year and you can’t take that away from him. For instance, when nearly every institution was calling for an earnings apocalypse, a recession, and lower lows this year, Tom Lee was bullish. That was accurate. He’s made short-term predictions that have turned out accurate. And he even expressed caution in August and September:

S&P 500 historical averages

Sometimes you have to give credit where credit is due – Tom Lee has been right through 2023, and that gives some credence to his prediction that Q4 could see a massive stock market rally.

Additionally, after briefly breaking below a one year upwards trend line, the SPY successfully retested and bounced from the 200 day moving average – an area we’ve called a “line in the sand” for bulls, leading to a weekly close above the trend line.

With a reignited war breaking out in Israel, and a CPI this week, it’s a do or die week where bulls will have several key tests of their resolve. But according to S&P 500 historical averages and one of the most accurate analysts on Wall Street in 2023, these are tests they’re going to pass.

Now the question is – what tool will you use to trade the potential rally?

If you’re using long shares of stock, you’re putting yourself at a massive disadvantage. While options have garnered a reputation for being high risk gambling tools, with the right strategy, you can use options to do anything shares can do and much, much more. For instance — want to simulate shares at a lower risk? Try utilizing a stock replacement strategy using deep-ITM long-dated call options. Predicting a shallow directional move on a short time frame? You could consider using a short-dated vertical spread capped at the top of your expected move. Looking to build a shield for your investing portfolio? There are a variety of ways you can use options like an insurance policy to protect your portfolio from the most treacherous of stock market storms.

Sound confusing? Want to see how we do it? We’ve been working for over a year on our newest book – our options trading master class that will tell you everything you need to know about why options are a must-use tool for today’s trader, called It’s NOT an Option. Today, for free, we’re allowing a free sneak-peak of the book here.


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